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In­stalling wood ve­neer fol­lows much the same tech­nique used for at­tach­ing plas­tic lam­i­nate sheets to coun­ter­tops. The in­struc­tions shown for ve­neer­ing the edges and

ends of the pedestal can be re­peated for the plat­form and head­board.

Step 1 Mea­sure the edges and ends of the pedestal and use a router with a flush-trim bit to cut pieces of maple ve­neer 1 inch big­ger in both direc­tions. Cut a 4-inch-wide strip of MDF or Trupan scrap, and tape or clamp it to the pedestal edge to be ve­neered to catch ad­he­sive over­spray.

Step 2 Coat the in­side face of an edge piece of ve­neer and the pedestal edge to be ve­neered fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions on the spray ad­he­sive (1). Wait un­til the ad­he­sive achieves the cor­rect tack. With a helper, cen­ter the ve­neer over the pedestal edge and gen­tly lower it into place start­ing at the cen­ter and work­ing to­ward the ends. Use a roller and firm pres­sure to bond the ve­neer (2).

Step 3 In­stall a flush-trim bit on a router with the bear­ing at least 1/4inch from the router col­let. Cut­ting from left to right, trim away the ex­cess ve­neer from all four sides (3). Press the cut edges firmly against the sur­face with the roller. Re­peat steps 1 through 3 for the op­po­site edge and again for both ends.

Step 4 To ve­neer the face of the head­board, cut a ve­neer sec­tion about 1 inch longer and wider than the head­board front (N). Mask off the ve­neered edges and top of the head­board. Spray ad­he­sive on the head­board front and on the back face of the ve­neer. Once the ad­he­sive reaches the cor­rect tack, lower the ve­neer onto the head­board front from the cen­ter to the out­side edges. Use a roller to bond the ve­neer to the head­board and trim off the ex­cess.

Step 5 The plat­form halves dif­fer from the pedestal and head­board be­cause you’ll ap­ply mitered ve­neer strips to the plat­form tops (H). Be­gin by cut­ting ve­neer strips 16 inches wide and at least 2 inches longer than needed for the length and width of the plat­form halves.

Step 6 To cut miters on the ends of the strips, cut a 2-foot-wide strip of 3/4-inch ply­wood or MDF scrap long enough to sup­port the ve­neer. Then cut a 45-de­gree miter on one end of the strip to cre­ate a cut­ting guide. To miter the ve­neer, align one ve­neer edge with the short edge of the guide and clamp it in place. Us­ing a router with a flushtrim­ming bit, trim the end of the ve­neer along the mitered end of the guide (4).

Step 7 Mark a plat­form top (H) with a line 15 inches from the out­side edge and on the end that will be op­po­site the head­board on the fin­ished bed. Draw a miter line from the out­side cor­ner of the plat­form to where the edge line in­ter­sects the end line. Miter-cut two ve­neer strips to form an L shape and re­peat for the other plat­form top.

Step 8 Ad­here the long-edge ve­neer strip to the plat­form top with the in­side edge even with the line on the plat­form top. Then glue the end ve­neer strip in place with the mitered edges touch­ing (5). Af­ter the ad­he­sive cures, trim the ve­neer flush with the edges of the plat­form top. Re­peat for the ve­neer on the other plat­form top.

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