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Bam­boo sticks (avail­able at crafts stores and gar­den cen­ters) lashed to­gether re­in­force a trop­i­cal vibe, left. Make a clove hitch around one bam­boo stick rest­ing atop a sec­ond stick. Start lash­ing by twist­ing the short end around the long and wrap­ping the jute twine around both sticks, al­ter­nately go­ing over and un­der each stick three or four times. Tighten the lash­ing by sur­round­ing it with three or four frap­ping turns. Fin­ish with two or three half hitches. Re­peat on the other three cor­ners of the frame. To fin­ish the frame, tie a piece of twine from top to bot­tom and one from side to side. Se­cure a picture to the cen­ter by tap­ing it to string on the back. String beads on a piece of twine and tie the twine at the top of the frame to cre­ate a hanger.


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