Do It Yourself - - MAKE IT -

• D-ring hanger • Wooden cut­ting

board • Drill/screw­driver • Screws

• Spray bot­tle • Mount­able plant, such as a fern or orchid • Sphag­num moss • Clear fish­ing line

Step 1 Screw the D-ring hanger to the back of the cut­ting board. Re­move plant from pot and lay it on the cut­ting board. Drill four screws into the board, about 2 inches from each side of the plant’s roots and leav­ing about 1/2 inch of each screw ex­posed above the board (A).

Step 2 Cover the plant’s roots with damp sphag­num moss, leav­ing the tops of the screws vis­i­ble. Step 3 Tie clear fish­ing line to one screw. While hold­ing the moss in place with one hand, wrap the fish­ing line over the moss and around a screw on the op­po­site side (B). Wrap the fish­ing line around the screw sev­eral times be­fore cross­ing over the moss again to the op­po­site side. Con­tinue this process, criss­cross­ing the fish­ing line sev­eral times over the moss un­til the plant is se­cured. Wrap the fish­ing line around the last screw at least 10 times be­fore knot­ting and cut­ting the line. Cover the screws and any vis­i­ble fish­ing line by tuck­ing in more moss.

Step 4 Mist the moss a few times a week us­ing a spray bot­tle filled with water.


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