Do It Yourself - - MAKE IT -

• Straight­edge

• Screen Tight Mini Track screw clips • Drill

• Screen Tight Mini Track chan­nel

(avail­able in 8-foot pieces) • Chop saw

• Rub­ber mal­let

• Util­ity knife

• Fiber­glass screen

• Screen Tight Mini Track spline • Screen Tight roller knife

Step 1 Us­ing a straight­edge, draw a line through the cen­ter of each side of the open­ing to be screened. Mea­sure and mark the place­ment for the screw clips 8–10 inches apart along the line, start­ing and end­ing 2 inches from each cor­ner (A). Drill a pi­lot hole at each mark. In­sert a screw clip into each hole; do not over­tighten (B). Use a small chan­nel piece to prop­erly ad­just the height of each screw clip (C) so the chan­nel slides eas­ily over the screw with­out be­ing too loose.

Step 2 Cut chan­nel pieces to fit the top and bot­tom of the open­ing us­ing a chop saw. In­stall the pieces by slid­ing the end of a chan­nel piece over an end screw, then tap the rest of the chan­nel onto the screw clips with a rub­ber mal­let (D). Af­ter top and bot­tom chan­nels are in­stalled, mea­sure, cut, and in­stall the side chan­nels in the same man­ner.

Step 3 Cut a piece of fiber­glass screen a few inches larger than the open­ing. Start­ing at the top of the open­ing, lay screen across top chan­nel track. Us­ing a roller knife, evenly push spline into the top track chan­nel groove, fas­ten­ing the screen into the groove as you go. Con­tinue push­ing the spline into one side track (E), then re­peat on the op­po­site side, en­sur­ing that the screen re­mains straight as you work. In­sert the spline into the bot­tom chan­nel track last. If needed, re­move the spline and ad­just the screen as needed.

Step 4 Trim ex­cess screen mesh flush along each edge us­ing a util­ity knife.


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