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A shower of car­na­tions dec­o­rates our selfie wall, left. Mea­sure the space you want to hang your car­na­tions, and cut a dowel to the ap­pro­pri­ate length.

Cut fish­ing line to the length you want your car­na­tion strings. Tie one end of the fish­ing line to the dowel. Thread a nee­dle onto the other end of the fish­ing line. Cut the stems from a bunch of car­na­tions, re­tain­ing only the blos­soms and green base. (We used about 170 blos­soms.) Pull the nee­dle through the cen­ter of the blos­som and out through the green base. Slide the blos­som up the fish­ing line to the de­sired lo­ca­tion, then pull the nee­dle once more through the side of the car­na­tion base to se­cure it in place. Re­peat, spac­ing the blos­soms as far apart as you’d like un­til com­plete, then re­peat with more strands.

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