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MA­TE­RI­ALS • Me­tal snips

• Chicken wire

• 23-inch-di­am­e­ter plas­tic bowl • Hot-glue gun + glue stick

• 1½-inch di­am­e­ter by 3-inch PVC pipe • Veg­etable oil spray

• 18-inch-di­am­e­ter plas­tic bowl

• 5-gallon bucket

• 50-pound bag fast-set­ting con­crete mix • Bricks

• Sheet plas­tic

• Me­tal file

• Play sand

• 13½-inch grill grate

Step 1 Use me­tal snips to cut a 2×2-foot square of chicken wire. Press and fit the chicken wire in­side the large bowl. Trim ex­cess wire. Set aside the wire bowl, which will be used to re­in­force the con­crete fire bowl when it is formed.

Step 2 Hot-glue the pipe to the in­side cen­ter of the large bowl, to cre­ate a drainage hole when mold­ing the fire bowl. Spray veg­etable oil on the in­side of the large bowl and out­side of the small bowl (A).

Step 3 Mix con­crete in a 5-gallon bucket ac­cord­ing to the pack­age di­rec­tions. Press pre­pared con­crete 1 inch thick in the bot­tom of the large bowl. Press the chicken wire bowl into the con­crete, then add an­other inch of con­crete to em­bed and hold the wire in place (B).

Step 4 Set the smaller bowl on the con­crete and fill the bowl with bricks or rocks to hold it in place (C). Add re­main­ing pre­pared con­crete to fill the sides of the large mold to its top edge. Press and ro­tate the small mold ev­ery few min­utes to re­lease it from the con­crete. When the con­crete be­gins to set and hold its shape, re­move the bricks, small mold, and pipe.

Step 5 Cover the large mold with a sheet of plas­tic. Al­low the con­crete to set for 24 hours, then care­fully turn the mold over and re­move (D). Wrap the con­crete bowl in sheet plas­tic and al­low it to cure for one week; un­wrap. Use a me­tal file to smooth the bowl’s top edge. Be­fore us­ing the fire bowl, fill the bot­tom one-third of it with sand and set the grill grate on the sand.

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