Do It Yourself - - MAKE IT -

MA­TE­RI­ALS • Spade

• Steel fire pit ring • Gar­den shovel • Flagstone

• Pea gravel

Step 1 If your fire pit will be sit­u­ated in a lawn, use a spade to re­move the sod. De­ter­mine the size of the area by adding 4 feet to the di­am­e­ter of the steel ring. (For a 3-foot-di­am­e­ter ring, we cleared a 7×7-foot area.) Slide a spade un­der the sod to lift and re­move it. Set the ring in the cen­ter of the cleared area, then use the spade to slice around the ring’s perime­ter as a guide for dig­ging the pit (A).

Step 2 Ex­ca­vate the pit, us­ing a shovel to re­move the soil to the depth of the steel ring (B). Carry away the soil.

Step 3 Set the steel ring in the pit and level the top edge of the ring with the sur­round­ing ground. Place flagstone slabs around the perime­ter of the pit (C), fit­ting them to­gether like puz­zle pieces. Snug the stones as close to­gether as pos­si­ble to make a sta­ble col­lar for the fire pit.

Step 4 Fill any gaps be­tween the flag­stones with pea gravel to de­ter weeds and give the hard­scape a fin­ished ap­pear­ance (D). Cover the bot­tom of the sunken fire pit with a 2-inch layer of pea gravel for drainage.


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