Do It Yourself - - Meet The Maker -

• Fur­ni­ture piece

• Paint (We used Sher­win-Wil­liams

Co­ral Is­land SW 6332.)

• Tape mea­sure

• Wall­pa­per in de­sired pat­tern (We used three

2×4-foot pan­els of Shap­ing Up in Blush.) • Cut­ting mat

• Straight­edge

• Crafts knife

Step 1 Make sure the fur­ni­ture sur­face you plan to wall­pa­per is smooth for best re­sults. Paint piece and al­low to fully dry. We rec­om­mend paint­ing about a month be­fore in­stalling wall­pa­per so paint is fully cured.

Step 2 Mea­sure each sur­face you want to pa­per and mark wall­pa­per panel with mea­sure­ments (A).

Step 3 Cut out pan­els us­ing a straight­edge and crafts knife (B).

Step 4 Peel back pa­per (C) and stick to clean, dry area on fur­ni­ture (D). Smooth out bub­bles and rub on cor­ners to firmly at­tach.

We rec­om­mend ap­ply­ing your first piece in a less-no­tice­able area to get the hang of it be­fore ap­ply­ing the rest.

OFF THE WALL Sure, you can wall­pa­per a wall, but try Chas­ing Pa­per on your next fur­ni­ture redo. We found a cast-off dresser and gave it a new life, this photo. WE CHOSE TO MAKEOVER A DRESSER, BUT THE SAME STEPSAP­PLY FOR ANY FUR­NI­TURE PIECE: PAINT, MEA­SURE, THEN CUT THE PA­PER—AND EN­JOY A TO­TALLYNEW LOOK!ACBD

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