Do It Yourself - - What To Do With -

• Heavy dou­ble-face cor­ru­gated card­board • Wa­ter-base polyuretha­ne (We used Min­wax

Poly­crylic in a satin fin­ish.)

• Paint­brush

• Ruler

• Straight­edge

• Util­ity knife

• Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

• Heavy cot­ton web­bing (We used about 10 feet.)

Step 1 Brush two thin coats of polyuretha­ne on one side of the card­board, let­ting dry be­tween coats. Flip card­board over and re­peat steps. (The polyuretha­ne will make the card­board wa­ter-re­sis­tant.)

Step 2 Place card­board so ridges are par­al­lel to the 2-inch side of all strips. Cut nine 2×36-inch strips and seven 2×48-inch strips.

Step 3 Pull each strip over and down the edge of a ta­ble (A): first one side, then the other. This flat­tens the cor­ru­ga­tion and gives it a leather­like tex­ture.

Step 4 Weave two of the 48-inch strips, cen­tered, through all nine of the 36-inch strips to form the tote bot­tom. Bend the 36-inch strips up on both sides (B).

Step 5 Start the sides of the tote by weav­ing a 48-inch strip through the ver­ti­cal strips. About three-quar­ters of the way through, po­si­tion the strip to see where its two ends will meet. Trim to fit. Hot-glue ends to the card­board un­der­neath.

Step 6 Re­peat process to weave the four re­main­ing

48-inch strips. Af­ter all hor­i­zon­tal strips are wo­ven and glued, mea­sure and trim the ver­ti­cal strips so they can be bent over the hor­i­zon­tal strip on top to cre­ate a fin­ished edge (C). Hot-glue the bent portion to the card­board un­der­neath; half will be glued to the out­side, half to the in­side. For best re­sults, trim each ver­ti­cal strip (be­fore glu­ing) so it ends at the bot­tom of the up­per­most hor­i­zon­tal strip.

Step 7 De­ter­mine strap length. Cut one piece of cot­ton web­bing and glue one end into place on the bot­tom of the tote. Loop web­bing up and curve back down to go un­der the tote again. Re­peat on the other side to cre­ate a sec­ond strap, bring the web­bing un­der­neath the tote, and over­lap the strap ends be­fore glu­ing. Glue all sur­faces with which the strap comes into con­tact. Let hot glue cool com­pletely be­fore us­ing the tote.

BOXY CARRYALL Give old boxes a new spin by turn­ing them into a tote to take to the farm­ers mar­ket, above. Glu­ing straps to the sides and bot­tom of the tote will al­low you to carry up to 25 pounds. For a richer color, paint on a wa­ter-base pro­tec­tive fin­ish be­fore cut­ting the card­board into strips.


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