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To cre­ate the dan­gling ends of our gar­land, op­po­site page, cut two pieces of 5×8-inch sin­gle-face cor­ru­gated card­board with the 5-inch side run­ning par­al­lel with the card­board ridges. White­wash the flat side of each piece with a mix of equal parts gesso and wa­ter. Let dry. Cut 4½-inch-long sl­its in the chan­nels be­tween each ridge. Press the ½-inch-long un­cut area flat. Make a hang­ing loop by glu­ing both ends of a 6-inch piece of white twine to the card­board’s flat end. Tightly roll the card­board into a cylin­der, hot-glu­ing the flat end in place as you roll. Se­cure by glu­ing the end of the strip in place.

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