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• 100% mer­cer­ized cot­ton yarn

• Large loom

• 2-inch piece of card­board that is length of project

• Ta­pes­try nee­dle

• Yarn: char­coal, cream, and teal

• Twisted yarn: cream/char­coal

• Gray vel­vet, 15×34 inches

• Sewing ma­chine and thread

• Gray li­nen (liner), 34×28 inches

• Two 8-inch gold rings

• Scraps of thin black leather

Step 1 Us­ing mer­cer­ized cot­ton yarn, string the warp on the loom un­til you have 64 strands. Weave in a card­board spacer—2 inches wide and at least as long as the 64 strands of warp. In­sert the spacer at the bot­tom of your loom to make it eas­ier to tie off your warp when you are fin­ished.

Step 2 Cut the char­coal yarn two arm’s-lengths long and thread a ta­pes­try nee­dle. Be­gin tabby weav­ing in the lower left-hand cor­ner of the loom. Weave to the right 16 warp threads and then go back in the op­po­site di­rec­tion, weav­ing over and un­der on the op­po­site warp yarns as you did on the pre­vi­ous row. Weave 16 rows up and leave a tail of yarn to be wo­ven on the back later.

Step 3 Switch to the twisted yarn. TIP: When you have com­pleted one square and move on to the next, you will start the yarn of the sec­ond square in be­tween the yarn of the pre­vi­ous square, hook­ing into the last warp yarn so the two squares share a ver­ti­cal warp thread. This con­nects the sec­tions. Weave 16 rows to the right and weave back and forth un­til you have wo­ven 16 rows up. Leave a tail on the back. Re­peat the process to weave one square of char­coal and one square of the cream/char­coal twist un­til reach­ing the end of the warp.

Step 4 For the sec­ond row of squares, start with the cream/char­coal twist and, us­ing the same tech­nique as above, al­ter­nate 16×16 squares of the twist and the cream yarns. The third row of squares will be the same color pat­tern as the first, and the fourth row will be the same as the sec­ond. Con­tinue to cre­ate a ging­ham pat­tern that is eight rows of squares. Cut and tie the ends of the warp yarns snug against the weav­ing. This is one panel. Re­peat Steps 1 through 4 to weave a sec­ond panel. Each wo­ven panel is about 163⁄4×7 inches.

Step 5 Thread a ta­pes­try nee­dle with teal yarn. Start­ing at one cen­ter edge of a cream square, stitch the teal thread through the weav­ing, catch­ing ev­ery fourth warp thread. Us­ing your ta­pes­try nee­dle, weave the tails of yarn on the back and trim any ex­cess.

Step 6 Cut two pieces of gray vel­vet fab­ric, 7½×16¾ inches each. Pin right sides to­gether of one vel­vet piece and one wo­ven panel and, us­ing a straight stitch on your sewing ma­chine, sew along one 16¾-inch side with a ½-inch seam al­lowance. Fin­ger-press the seam and top­stitch on the vel­vet side of the seam. Re­peat for the sec­ond panel. Pin right sides of the two match­ing sewn pieces to­gether, and stitch the sides and bot­tom. While the bag is still in­side out, pull the fab­ric out at both of the cor­ners and pin it to cre­ate a fold per­pen­dic­u­lar to the side and bot­tom seams. This will make the bag square on the bot­tom and able to stand up. Pin along the fold, then trim off the tri­an­gle of ex­tra fab­ric be­fore you stitch. Sew along the fold to cre­ate a 5-inch seam that in­ter­sects the side and bot­tom seams.

Step 7 Sew in liner, if de­sired.

Step 8 Us­ing a nee­dle, thin leather, and em­broi­dery floss, at­tach 8-inch gold rings to the wo­ven sides of the hand­bag as han­dles. Cut four small pieces of soft leather to ½×1½-inch rec­tan­gles. Loop each tab around a gold ring and hand-stitch it through the sides of the purse.

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