Do It Yourself - - What To Do With -

• Non-ny­lon tea tow­els

• Stamp designs (avail­able at­els

• Trans­fer pa­per

• Carv­ing blocks (We used Speed­ball Speedy Carve.)

• Ball­point pen

• Carv­ing tool (We used Speed­ball Li­noleum Cut­ters.)

• Print­ing inks (We used Speed­ball Fab­ric Block Print­ing Inks.)

• Ink­ing plate

• Rub­ber brayer

• Test fab­ric

• Baren press

• Dis­pos­able moist wipes

• Dis­ap­pear­ing-ink fab­ric pen (op­tional)

Step 1 Wash and press tea tow­els. Print designs from­els or use other designs. Since designs will stamp in re­verse, print mir­ror im­ages for words and let­ters.

Step 2 On a pro­tected work sur­face, place trans­fer pa­per over stamp carv­ing block and put your de­sign on top. Us­ing a ball­point pen, trace de­sign to trans­fer it to the block (A). For soft carv­ing blocks, lift de­sign and trace over trans­fer pa­per a sec­ond time for a bet­ter im­age. Re­move trans­fer pa­per.

Step 3 Carve away sec­tions of block around your de­sign (B).

Step 4 Test your stamp. Put a small amount of ink on an ink­ing plate or other sur­face and use a rub­ber brayer to trans­fer the ink to your stamp (C), then press the stamp on test fab­ric. Use a baren to press stamp down evenly (D), then lift the stamp from the test fab­ric. If the re­sult isn’t quite right, wipe ex­cess ink from the stamp with a wet wipe, and use the carv­ing tool to im­prove the stamp.

Step 5 Be­fore stamp­ing on tea towel, plan your pat­tern care­fully. Ran­dom place­ment is eas­i­est. To re­peat pat­terns, take time mea­sur­ing and mark­ing with a dis­ap­pear­ing-ink fab­ric pen. Af­ter stamp­ing towel, wash ink from tools promptly us­ing moist wipes or warm soapy wa­ter. Let tow­els cure for a week be­fore use.

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