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Get to know the three kinds of card­board we used in our projects. All are

avail­able at

1 SIN­GLE-FACE COR­RU­GATED CARD­BOARD One side of ridged pa­per with pa­per or card­board glued to the other side. Of­ten used for pack­ing and ship­ping.

2 DOU­BLE-FACE COR­RU­GATED CARD­BOARD One thick­ness of ridged pa­per glued be­tween two plies of pa­per or card­board. Most com­mon for ship­ping boxes and eas­ily found around the house or of­fice.

3 CHIP­BOARD Sin­gle-ply flat card­board. Seen on thin­ner prod­uct pack­ag­ing boxes rather than ship­ping boxes.

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