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WARP­ING THE LOOM The first step to any weav­ing project is warp­ing the loom, or putting your warp thread in place. Place the loom so the pegs are at the top and bot­tom. Tie your warp yarn around the bot­tom left-hand peg (or the far­thest left peg of the area you will use). Draw the warp around the peg di­rectly above the lower peg where the warp is tied. String the warp down around the next lower peg to the right of where you started, and con­tinue string­ing it around the top and bot­tom pegs, work­ing your way left to right, un­til the warp ends at the bot­tom right-hand peg of the loom (or the area you will use). Tie a knot to se­cure it. Tip: Weav­ing a 2-inch-wide length of card­board at the base of your warp be­fore be­gin­ning your project makes for eas­ier warp ty­ing when fin­ish­ing your project.

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