If you’re hooked on mak­ing and min­gling, host a “crafter hours” gather­ing quar­terly. Try these ad­di­tional projects or look for other ideas that can be com­pleted in about an hour. Use­ful projects or items that make nice host­ess gifts are al­ways a hit.

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Washi tape wraps or­di­nary wood hang­ers in pure hap­pi­ness. If your hanger has a glossy fin­ish, lightly sand the sur­face and wipe with a tack cloth. Cover the hanger with washi tape by wind­ing it around the hanger or cut­ting long strips to ap­ply length­wise. Ap­ply let­ter stick­ers if de­sired. Bur­nish tape and stick­ers with fin­gers, press­ing all edges flat, and then coat with de­coupage glue. Let dry, and coat again. Make yarn pom-poms as an

ad­di­tional em­bel­lish­ment.


Raise a glass to cus­tom coast­ers. Print cir­cle pat­tern at Coast­ers, cut out, and punch 1/8-inch

holes at each mark. Trace pat­tern and mark holes on leather, then cut out. Use a leather punch to punch holes at each mark and leather stamps and a ham­mer to stamp words or designs onto the leather. Dampen leather with a wet cloth, then ap­ply a few coats of neats­foot oil, let­ting dry be­tween each coat. Thread leather cord through holes, ty­ing ends to­gether at the back. To make coast­ers stain-re­sis­tant, ap­ply wax and let dry overnight.


Perk up ceramic bowls with play­ful pat­terns and hues. Press a self-ad­he­sive sten­cil to the bowl

and use a pen­cil to trace or free­hand-draw a de­sign. Work care­fully be­cause pen­cil lines rub off eas­ily. Use a porce­lain paint marker to draw over the pen­cil lines. Let dry

24 hours, then bake at 300°F for 35 min­utes to set your de­sign. Hand

wash only to pre­serve the de­sign.


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