Do It Yourself - - Before + After -

Fash­ion dec­o­ra­tive pa­per bowls to con­tain small ob­jects or serve as art­ful dis­play pieces, this photo. Make the pa­per pulp ac­cord­ing to the hand­made pa­per how-to on page 7. Pour pulp mix­ture into a strainer above a plas­tic tub. Use a sec­ond strainer to sand­wich the pulp (A). Press strain­ers to­gether to squeeze out ex­cess wa­ter. Dab with a sponge to re­move re­main­ing wa­ter (B). Flip the strain­ers up­side down and re­move the top strainer. Let the bot­tom strainer (with pulp still af­fixed) par­tially dry for four to six hours. Gen­tly re­move pa­per bowl and place on felt to fin­ish dry­ing (C).

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