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Stick with two or three me­tals, and choose one to be dom­i­nant or use them in equal doses. Matte black, aged brass, and pol­ished nickel get equal play time, above.

If you’re se­lect­ing a warm metal, such as aged brass, pair it with a cool metal, such as pol­ished nickel. Black metal goes with all. Re­peat each metal at least once. The dom­i­nant fin­ish should ap­pear around the room for bal­ance.

Fix­tures with sim­i­lar func­tions

(cab­i­net hard­ware, plumb­ing, light­ing) should have the same fin­ish—so choose a fin­ish for each and de­ploy con­sis­tently through­out the space.

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