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New cabi­net doors will re­fresh your kitchen with lit­tle fuss or ex­pense. To fig­ure out

the di­men­sions for your doors, op­po­site, use the old doors as tem­plates. Choose the ma­te­rial for your new doors (we used ¾×3-inch po­plar project boards) and your stile and rail width (we

went with 2¼ inches). Sub­tract the width of two stiles from the width of your old door. This will equal the length of your rails. The length of your stiles will be the full length of the door. The

in­set panel will be mea­sured once the in­te­rior rec­tan­gle formed by the stiles and rails has been routed and can be ac­cu­rately mea­sured. Get the

full how-to at­i­nets.

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