Do It Yourself - - Make It -

• Five 1×1×36-inch square dow­els

• Miter saw

• Square

• Wood glue

• Clamps

• Tape mea­sure

• Ham­mer

• Nails

• Sand­pa­per

• La­tex gloves and rags

• Dan­ish oil (we used Watco in dark wal­nut)

Step 1 Cut the legs, stretch­ers, and sup­ports from the square dow­els (see Cut List, below). Glue and clamp two legs with two long stretch­ers (A) to form a side. The top stretcher will be flush with the top of the legs and the bot­tom stretcher will be in­set 3 inches from the bot­tom. Make sure the front and back of the pieces are flush and that your an­gles are square. Re­peat to cre­ate a sec­ond side.

Step 2 Once dry, join the two sides by glu­ing and clamp­ing them to each other with long stretch­ers be­tween to make a box with all the stretch­ers in line. Make sure your an­gles are square and out­side edges are flush. Step 3 Cre­ate the cross shape that sup­ports your planter pot by cen­ter­ing two short stretch­ers on a long stretcher and at­tach with glue and clamps. At­tach the cross to the box 3 inches up from the bot­tom (in line with the long stretch­ers) us­ing glue and clamps (B).

Step 4 To cre­ate the roofline, glue each short an­gle sup­port to the side of one long an­gle sup­port to form an L shape. Al­low to dry. To find the an­gle for cut­ting the ends to at­tach to the top of the box, line up the cen­ter of the L (at its point) with the cen­ter point of a top long stretcher (C). Mark where the L meets the cor­ner of the box. This will be your fi­nal an­gle cut to the L—it should be close to a 45-de­gree cut. Re­peat for the sec­ond L placed on the op­po­site side of the box top. Cut, glue, and clamp to the box top.

Step 5 Glue and nail the fi­nal long stretcher in place as the peak piece (D). Sand joints and edges smooth. Wear­ing la­tex gloves, wipe on two coats of Dan­ish oil. Al­low to dry for a few min­utes then wipe off where the oil may have pooled. Re­peat for a sec­ond coat.

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