Do It Yourself - - MAKE IT -

• Box tem­plate, avail­able at BHG.com/DIYLeather

• Spray ad­he­sive

• 2 poster boards

• Sharp util­ity knife

• Cut­ting mat

• Metal ruler

• 4–5-ounce veg-tan leather

• Leather mark­ing pen

• Leather gouge

• Crafts knife

• Spray bot­tle filled with wa­ter

• Leather stain (we used Eco-Flo Water­stain in Blue)

• 2-inch foam brush

• De­tail brush

• Bin­der clips

• Leather punch

• Rivets and rivet set­ter

• Wood mal­let

Step 1

Download tem­plate. Us­ing spray ad­he­sive, glue the tem­plate to poster board. Use a sharp util­ity knife and ruler to cut out.

Step 2

Lay tem­plate on leather. Trace the perime­ter with a leather mark­ing pen. Mark the cor­ners, han­dle holes, and inner lines of the box.

Step 3

With a leather gouge, create grooves along marked lines about half the depth of the leather (A). Be care­ful not to go too deep (prac­tice on a scrap be­fore you start). Grooves will al­low you to bend the leather with a nice crease.

Step 4

Cut out the box us­ing a sharp util­ity knife and a metal ruler. Cut the holes for the han­dles (a smaller sharp knife like a crafts knife with #11 blade works well) (B).

Step 5

Prep for staining on a piece of poster board. With the smooth side fac­ing up, use spray bot­tle to sat­u­rate leather. To get an om­bré look, below left, mix stain with wa­ter in a 50/50 ra­tio. Us­ing a foam brush, evenly ap­ply one coat of stain to long­est part of the box that will form the han­dles and the bot­tom. Also ap­ply a strip of stain to the sides along the bot­tom, in­clud­ing the end flaps. Al­low to dry slightly, not completely. Us­ing spray bot­tle, sat­u­rate the leather again and reap­ply the stain in the same places. Al­low to dry slightly, not completely. Add wa­ter to your stain. Sat­u­rate the leather again. For your third layer of stain, ap­ply it to the same places but add an ad­di­tional strip. Al­low to dry slightly, not completely. Con­tinue these steps un­til you create a nice gradation. Al­low to dry completely.

Step 6

For the in­side of the box, ap­ply one or two coats of stain to the en­tire area. Use a de­tail brush to stain the edges. Al­low to dry completely.

Step 7

Sat­u­rate the leather, front and back. Fold the box along the gouge lines. Fold one di­rec­tion and place a heavy book on top un­til the folds hold the shape. Re­peat with the op­po­site side. Clip on bin­der clips (pad to prevent dents) to re­in­force shape (C). After box is dry and main­tains shape, re­move clips.

Step 8

Flat­ten box and lay tem­plate on top. Mark three holes on each end. Use leather punch to punch holes that are slightly larger than your rivets (D).

Step 9

Fold box and at­tach rivets. You may need to use a wood mal­let to fully fas­ten.

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