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Add flounce and flair to your key chain with a fringed leather tas­sel, this photo. Cut a 7×3-inch leather strip. Place on a cut­ting mat and, smooth side fac­ing down, mark a line ½ inch from edge of long side. Place ruler along the line. Hold­ing ruler firmly in place, cut 1/8-inch-wide strips from the bot­tom to the line to create fringe. Use leather/vinyl ad­he­sive to at­tach a small screw eye at one end of the strip at the top. Al­low to dry sev­eral hours. Ap­ply a thin coat of ad­he­sive along the en­tire top ½ inch of the strip. Tightly roll the screw eye into the glued leather. Tape it in place while it dries overnight. Cut a ½×1½-inch strip of leather, add a thin coat of leather ad­he­sive to the back, and wrap the top of the tas­sel. Al­low to dry sev­eral hours. If de­sired, add a crys­tal gem to the top strip us­ing gem ad­he­sive.

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