Nalle Phares

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Noelle Phares is an en­vi­ron­men­tal sci­en­tist turned modern artist, who brings a unique per­spec­tive to her work by com­bin­ing ab­stract de­tail and realistic sub­jects. She’s part­nered with Paint­brush Stu­dio Fab­rics to cre­ate Modern Land­scapes, a col­lec­tion of her paint­ings recre­ated on fab­ric! The cot­ton base­cloth is per­fect for quilt­ing, but also can be­come a stun­ning wall­hang­ing in three easy steps!

1. Sew!

Take your panel, and fold the side and bot­tom edge over 1/4 inch. Pin and sew all three edges. Op­tional: at­tach a match­ing fringe or tas­sels to the bot­tom edge!

2. Loop!

Take a dowl rod (or a cur­tain rod for a more dec­o­ra­tive op­tion!) and check the width. Dou­ble that num­ber, and fold your top edge over that amount. Sew a straight line, leav­ing the sides open, and slide your panel over the rod.

3. Dis­play!

Tie a match­ing cord to the edges of the rod. At­tach a hook to your wall, and hang and dis­play your new ta­pes­try!

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