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• Cir­cu­lar saw

• ½-inch-thick ply­wood

• Ser­rated knife

• Straight­edge

• 3–4-inch-thick up­hol­stery foam

• Spray con­tact ad­he­sive

• ½–1-inch-thick bat­ting

• Up­hol­stery-weight vel­vet

• Mea­sur­ing tape

• Straight pins

• Nee­dle and thread

• Sew­ing ma­chine

• Eighty 2-inch but­ton blanks

• E6000 ad­he­sive

• 1×3 pine slightly shorter than ply­wood width

• ¾-inch screws

• 1½-inch screws

Step 1

Cut ply­wood 30 inches tall by the width of your mat­tress. Use a ser­rated knife and straight­edge to cut up­hol­stery foam to the size of the ply­wood, piec­ing to­gether as needed. Work­ing in a well-ven­ti­lated area, se­cure foam to ply­wood with spray con­tact ad­he­sive.

Step 2

Us­ing a ser­rated knife, trim the top cor­ners of the foam so they are gen­tly rounded (A). Cut and piece bat­ting to fit over the foam and ad­here us­ing con­tact ad­he­sive, cut­ting ex­cess bat­ting from top cor­ners and smooth­ing flat.

Step 3

Cut a piece of vel­vet to cover the back of the ply­wood and a piece to cover the foam-cov­ered front, adding ¼ inch for seam al­lowance plus ½ inch on sides and an ex­tra inch for hem along the bot­tom of each piece. With right side down, lay the top fab­ric over the front of the head­board and pin the cor­ners to fit the curve of the foam (B). Re­move fab­ric from head­board and sew cor­ners, fash­ion­ing a dart in the fab­ric. With right sides to­gether, pin the front piece to the back piece along the sides and top, and sew. Sew the bot­tom hem. Trim ex­cess vel­vet from cor­ners, then turn right side out and fit over the head­board.

Step 4

Fol­low but­ton man­u­fac­turer di­rec­tions to cover about 80 but­ton blanks in vel­vet, cut­ting vel­vet cir­cles (C), wrap­ping fab­ric around the top blank, and snap­ping the back in place (D). Ar­range but­tons on the head­board as de­sired and at­tach us­ing E6000 ad­he­sive.

Step 5

Make a French cleat by cut­ting a 1×3 pine board length­wise at a 45-de­gree an­gle. Use ¾-inch screws to at­tach half of the pine board to the back of the head­board with the an­gle fac­ing down and to­ward the head­board. Use 1½-inch screws to at­tach the other half to the wall with the an­gle fac­ing up and to­ward the wall so the two boards fit into one an­other to se­curely hang the head­board.

SLEEP­ING BEAUTY Win­ter nights are ex­tra snug with a swanky head­board wrapped in rich vel­vet, this photo. We fash­ioned a slip­cover from this de­li­cious blue hue, but you could up­hol­ster the board in­stead by pulling the vel­vet taut and sta­pling to the back of the ply­wood. As an al­ter­na­tive to the but­ton de­sign, add stripes of tone-on-tone vel­vet rib­bons or layer a sin­gle swath of vel­vet fab­ric on top.

MAKE YOUR MARK Fash­ion these bou­quets from even the small­est vel­vet rem­nants, this photo. Print and cut out bookmark pat­terns, avail­able at BHG.com/Vel­vet. Trace two cir­cles and botan­i­cal pieces on the back of up­hol­stery-weight vel­vet fab­ric and cut out. Ar­range botan­i­cals on the front of one cir­cle and se­cure us­ing fab­ric glue. Let dry. Us­ing em­broi­dery floss, em­bel­lish botan­i­cals with dec­o­ra­tive stitches and French knots to high­light flo­ral el­e­ments. Ac­count­ing for stretch, cut ½-inch-wide elas­tic to de­sired length plus an inch for over­lap. Sand­wich elas­tic strip be­tween backs of cir­cles. Glue cir­cles and elas­tic to­gether. Let dry, then hand-stitch elas­tic ends to­gether. FOR A MORE MODERN TAKE, SUB­STI­TUTE GEO­MET­RIC OR AB­STRACT SHAPES FOR THE FLO­RAL ONES.

TONE-ON-TONE VEL­VET OF­FERS SUB­TLE IM­PACT TO THE FLOW­ERS, AS DOES GROUP­ING THEM ON THE WREATH IN SETS OF TWO OR THREE. WALL FLOW­ERS This na­turein­spired wreath brings blooms in­doors year-round, left. Print and cut out flower and leaf pat­terns, avail­able at BHG.com/ Vel­vet. Trace leaves on the back of mul­ti­ple shades of green vel­vet and cut out. Flip pat­tern and trace and cut a sec­ond set of leaves. With wrong sides to­gether, pair leaves from first and sec­ond cut­ting. Cut lengths of 18-gauge wire 2 inches longer than a set of leaves. Sand­wich wire be­tween a set of leaves and use fab­ric glue on back of leaves to ad­here the pieces. Re­peat with re­main­ing leaf sets and let dry. Se­cure leaves around an 18-inch metal macramé hoop by twist­ing wire ends around the hoop, over­lap­ping and bend­ing to de­sired shape (A). Trace flow­ers on the back of light pink vel­vet and cut out. Flip pat­tern and re­peat trac­ing and cut­ting a sec­ond set of flow­ers on the back of darker pink vel­vet. Use fab­ric glue on the back of vel­vet to ad­here light and dark flow­ers. Let dry, then pull petals up and hot-glue to cre­ate a three-di­men­sional flower. Cut fringe from a strip of yel­low vel­vet, roll up, and hot­glue in­side the flower. Hot-glue flow­ers around the wreath.

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