Do It Yourself - - MAKE IT -

• 1/2×11/2-inch pine

• 3/4×31/2-inch pine

• Miter saw

• Sand­pa­per

• Primer

• Paint­brushes

• White semigloss paint

• 6-foot level

• Drill

• Wood screws

• Wood filler

• Putty knife

• Plant hang­ers

• Ter­rar­i­ums (hang­ing glass ves­sels, pot­ting soil, char­coal, sand, and plants)

Step 1 De­ter­mine the size of your trel­lis wall (this will dic­tate the size of your squares and where you in­stall the plate rail). Cut a square tem­plate to map out your de­sign on the wall—ours is 22×22 inches.

Step 2 Cut, sand, prime, and paint your boards. Use your level ver­ti­cally to mark spots across the wall for your 1×4 plate rail (ours is 5 feet above the base­board) and then hor­i­zon­tally to con­nect the dots. In­stall your plate rail along the line.

Step 3 Mount boards at 45-de­gree an­gles from the base­board, con­nect­ing the base and rail at in­ter­vals to match your tem­plate.

Step 4 Cut in­di­vid­ual shorter pieces and in­stall them at 90-de­gree an­gles to the longer boards to com­plete the squares.

Step 5 Fill screw holes with wood filler, let dry, sand, prime, and touch up with white semigloss paint.

Step 6 In­stall plant hang­ers on the in­ter­sec­tions. Ar­range and hang your ter­rar­i­ums.

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