Lo­cal MSP hon­ors trooper, non-com­mis­sioned of­fi­cer

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EAS­TON — Re­cently, the Mary­land State Po­lice Eas­ton Bar­racks an­nounced its Trooper of the Year and Non-Com­mis­sioned Of­fi­cer of the Year.

Non-Com­mis­sioned Of­fi­cer of the Year was awarded to Sgt. Barry Bau­guess, a 27-year vet­eran of the force. Trooper of the Year was awarded to Gar­rett Graef, a young po­lice of­fi­cer who has worked his way through the MSP since he was 15.

“These are two of the finest troop­ers we have here at this bar­rack,” Lt. Prendi Gar­cia, com­man­der of the Eas­ton Bar­racks.

NCO is awarded to a cor­po­ral or a sergeant from each bar­racks an­nu­ally.

Bau­guess said, “In a sense, it is su­per­vi­sor of the year, one that they say stands out above the rest.”

Bau­guess is a hum­ble pub­lic ser­vant and said he does not do any­thing dif­fer­ent than any­one else who puts on the uni­form and comes to work.

“I dont re­ally see where I do any­thing dif­fer­ent other than mak­ing sure my guys have ev­ery­thing they need and are aware of trends and train­ing,” Bau­guess said.

Bau­guess is from Hart­ford County and started with the MSP at age 24. He said he was as­signed to the Eas­ton Bar­racks fol­low­ing the academy, and he stayed be­cause he fell in love with the area.

Af­ter nine years, he was promoted to cor­po­ral and worked in crim­i­nal in­ves­ti­ga­tions unit as a trooper first class. From there, he was promoted to sergeant. In 2013, he re­turned to uni­form po­lice work, serv­ing as sergeant of Group Two.

“I have very much en­joyed my ca­reer,” Bal­gus said. “The state po­lice has been a good place to work with a good group of guys to work with. I re­ally have no com­plaints. Twenty-seven years and I still love my job.”

“Sgt. Barry Bal­gus has been a true leader not only this year but ev­ery year that he has been on the job and he runs the best group at the bar­rack,” Gar­cia said. “With moral, sta­tis­ti­cal data, he is con­stantly lead­ing from the front, and there is no other per­son that we thought of when we said NCO of the Year.”

“It is an honor to be rec­og­nized, but I don’t re­ally feel it. I don’t feel like I have done any­thing,” Bau­guess said. “Here is the hon­est truth. I do not feel like I went above or be­yond any­thing. I feel like I did what I was sup­pose to do, and I got rec­og­nized. It feels good, and it’s a good thing, but I feel bad for the other peo­ple be­cause we are all do­ing our own thing.”

Trooper of the Year Graef shared in his su­pe­rior’s sen­ti­ment and said, “I didn’t do any­thing spe­cial. I just came out and worked hard. It hasn’t re­ally hit me yet, but I am not chang­ing any­thing I do. It is an honor, but we just come to work like we have been taught.”

Graef started in the MSP Ex­plorer pro­gram when he was 15 years old and quickly made his way through the ranks as ex­plorer lieu­tenant. From there, he went on to be­come a cadet, trooper and now Trooper of the Year.

“Graef is out there, with all his ex­pe­ri­ence as an ex­plorer, cadet and trooper, and now trooper of the year. He is a fine young man,” Gar­cia said. “I think he is do­ing a fine job for us and an out­stand­ing job for the state po­lice. He de­serves to be Trooper of the Year be­cause he worked hard.”

Graef at­tributes his suc­cess to the lead­er­ship and guid­ance he has re­ceived through each stage of his ca­reer.

“I have been very lucky ever since I started at 15 to have build­ing blocks in front of me with good peo­ple and a good sup­port sys­tem to get me where I am at now,” Graef said.

Graef said Bau­guess was in­stru­men­tal in his train­ing that led him to where he is to­day.

“When I be­came a trooper, I got as­signed here and to this group with a great sergeant (Bau­guess) and a great­cor­po­ral. Prob­a­bly the two best su­per­vi­sors I have ever been around, and that’s the hon­est to God truth,” Graef said. “This is the sec­ond year in a row he has got­ten NCO of the year, so that says some­thing right there. He looks out for us and is al­ways do­ing things in our best in­ter­est.”

Graef said the con­stant sup­port he re­ceives is re­as­sur­ing to him.

“I am still learn­ing. Ev­ery­day that I put on this uni­form, I am al­ways learn­ing some­thing new, and he (Bau­guess) is al­ways there if I need some­thing,” Graef said.

Baguess said he doesn’t see it that way.

“He comes to work ev­ery day ready to go, so I don’t see where I am an in­flu­ence,” Bal­gus said. “My job as a su­per­vi­sor is to make sure the guys know what they are do­ing and have what­ever they need. That is pretty much all I do. Just steer them in the right di­rec­tion, but they do the work.”

From left, Trooper of the Year Gar­rett Graef; Lt. Prendi Gar­cia, com­man­der of the Mary­land State Po­lice Eas­ton Bar­racks; and Non-Com­mis­sioned of­fi­cer of the Year Sgt. Barry Bau­guess.

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