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GRASONVILLE — A kick­off event on Thurs­day, March 29 marked the of­fi­cial start of the sixth an­nual Man and Woman of the Year cam­paign for the Leukemia and Lym­phoma So­ci­ety of the East­ern Shore.

Ten can­di­dates, six women and four men, will spend the next ten weeks in­ten­sively fundrais­ing for LLS blood can­cer re­search ef­forts in hopes of be­ing the next Man or Woman of the Year. Each can­di­date is backed by a team of fam­ily and friends to help them host fundrais­ing events.

Sev­eral teams are re­turn­ing with a few years al­ready un­der their belts. Can­di­dates with fourth gen­er­a­tion teams are Parker Welsh with Team It’s a Cure Thing and Kathy Bunce Cooper with Team Crushin’ Or­ange. Can­di­dates with third gen­er­a­tion teams are Becky Kish with Team Craft­ing a Cure and Chaya Jan­hardin with Team L ym­pho­ma­ni­acs.

Can­di­dates for first gen­er­a­tion teams, brand new to the ef­fort this year, are Mea­gan Parker with Team Top Knot, Marcy Par­lett with Team Capel Strong, Phil Lovell with Team Show Me the Money, Heather Cole­man with Team Cheers for a Cure, Justin Fer­gu­son with Team Choco­late Thun­der Melt­ing Can­cer, and Adam Wheat­ley with Team He­roes of Hope.

To find in­for­ma­tion about a can­di­date’s events or do­nate to their cam­paign, visit the LLS East­ern Shore web­site at www.mwoy. org/mar yland/east­ern-shore.

Last year’s ten­week cam­paign had a fi­nal fundrais­ing tally of $454,917. Of that fi­nal num­ber, $56,649 was raised in just 12 min­utes through the “Fund the Fight” light­ning round held each year at the fi­nale gala. Seventy-seven per­cent of money raised by this cam­paign goes di­rectly to can­cer re­search, which amounted to $350,000 from just those ten weeks of ef­fort by last year’s can­di­dates and their teams.

Melissa Coli­gan of Team Missy’s Mojo was named 2017 Woman of the Year. She and her team raised more than $121,000. 2017 Man of the Year went to John Bunce with Team Crushin’ Or­ange, a third straight win for the team. Bunce and his team raised more than $123,000. “The im­pact that this cam­paign on the East­ern Shore has had over the years is phe­nom­e­nal,” said Mary­land LLS Di­rec­tor Jonathan Wil­son. “Not only is LLS lead­ing the ef­fort in blood can­cer re­search and pa­tient ser­vices, we are lead­ing the ef­fort in can­cer re­search. Just this last year, the FDA ap­proved 18 blood can­cer treat­ments. That is the most treat­ments for blood can­cer that has ever been ap­proved by the FDA in one year. LLS funded 14 of those.”

A Boy and Girl of the Year are also cho­sen each year to rep­re­sent the cam­paign. It was

par­tic­u­larly spe­cial that this year, for the first time in four years, both chil­dren were healthy enough to at­tend the kick­off party.

Girl of the Year Hunter Clough, 6, had got­ten out of the hos­pi­tal just that morn­ing. Late last year, she was di­ag­nosed with os­teosar­coma, a sec­ondary can­cer caused by the ra­di­a­tion used to treat the rhab­domyosar­coma she was di­ag­nosed with at 2 years old. She is cur­rently un­der­go­ing chemo­ther­apy.

“She gives me strength,” said Lau­ren Clough, Hunter’s mother. “Her strength, her re­silience, her love that she still shows, her hap­pi­ness and laugh­ter, she keeps me go­ing. I want you to see her life through her eyes.”

Boy of the Year Max Wroten, 8, has been in re­mis­sion from Acute Promye­lo­cytic Leukemia (APML) since Au­gust 2014. He was di­ag­nosed in Oc­to­ber 2013 at 4 years old. He also has se­vere he­mo­philia,

a blood clot­ting dis­or­der, which made it harder to di­ag­nose his can­cer.

The cam­paign will cul­mi­nate with the Grand Fi­nale Gala, to be held once again at the Hy­att Re­gency Ch­e­sa­peake Bay Re­sort in Cam­bridge on Satur­day, June 9.


Ten can­di­dates will spend the

next ten weeks in­ten­sively fundrais­ing for Leukemia and

Lym­phoma So­ci­ety blood can­cer re­search ef­forts in hopes of be­ing the next Man

or Woman of the Year. The can­di­dates in­clude Parker Welsh, Kathy Bunce Cooper, Becky Kish, Chaya Jan­hardin, Mea­gan Parker, Marcy Par­lett, Phil Lovell, Heather

Cole­man, Justin Fer­gu­son and Adam Wheat­ley.


The 2018 Leukemia and Lym­phoma So­ci­ety of the East­ern Shore Woman of the Year can­di­date Becky Kish with her team­mates from Team Craft­ing a Cure at the cam­paign kick­off on Thurs­day, March 29.

Team Crushin’ Or­ange at the cam­paign 2018 Leukemia and Lym­phoma So­ci­ety of the East­ern Shore Woman of the Year cam­paign kick­off on Thurs­day, March 29.

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