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Hair care has been slowly, but surely evolv­ing. For many years, we’ve been us­ing sul­fate sham­poos, which have been dry­ing and strip­ping the hair from its nat­u­ral oils. Sul­fates are salts that strip and dry out the hair. The sul­fate in the sham­poos are used in dish wash­ing liq­uid and clothes de­ter­gent. We have been, ba­si­cally, wash­ing our hair with some­thing that we clean our clothes and dishes with. Sul­fate sham­poos were orig­i­nally for­mu­lated for women with straight hair in order to strip the hair and cre­ate lots of vol­ume. There was no such thing as a cream sul­fate free sham­poo. On the con­trary, cream sham­poos should have ex­isted many years ago. In­stead of stylist chang­ing the for­mula as to their prod­uct line, they de­cided to just change the la­bels in the front to say: Ex­tra mois­tur­iz­ing con­di­tioner, or re­stores dry brit­tle and dam­aged hair, etc. In re­cent years, for­mu­las have changed tremen­dously. Styling prod­ucts aren’t as dry­ing, heavy or greasy. They are more light weight, non-sticky, and more mois­tur­iz­ing.

For ex­am­ple,

skin care has come a long way. Back then, we used bar soap on our face or Noxzema. Even­tu­ally they for­mu­lated some­thing creamy and gen­tle for the face like cat­a­phyll, which is a cream face wash. The same ap­plied to hair care. Slowly, cream based sham­poos were for­mu­lated to be gen­tle, but ef­fec­tive and mois­tur­iz­ing. Out of the hun­dreds of sham­poos that are out on the mar­ket now, there are prob­a­bly 4 or 5 cream based sham­poos. There’s the daily cleans­ing cream sham­poo by Hair Rules Salon, Wen sham­poo, Miss Jessie’s crème de la curl, and the no poo sham­poo.

Seg­re­gated aisles

still ex­ist. You’ll walk in a beauty sup­ply store, Tar­get, Ricky’s etc. and you’ll see an aisle for straight hair, and an aisle for nat­u­ral hair. Hope­fully, one day, com­bin­ing all prod­ucts on one aisle, aligned side by side, will slowly start evolv­ing.

Hair treat­ments

are good to do once a month so hair isn’t dam­aged or dried out. You can do a monthly hair mask, deep treat­ment un­der the dryer with con­di­tioner-- some oils like jo­joba oil, co­conut oil, olive oil just to name a few. Use a plas­tic cap for 10 to 15 mins. Putting oils on the hair and scalp then blow dry­ing it into the hair with a comb at­tach­ment is a great treat­ment be­fore sham­poo­ing your hair. DT

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