Schol­ar­ship Aware­ness

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- Lau­ren Cham­b­liss Her­nan­dez

Howw to read fast while com­pre­hend­ing what you read Howw to work in a group… even if you don’t like it! Thereere are con­se­quences for bad be­hav­ior Howw to set your alarm and wake up on your own! Your par­ents rents are not go­ing to col­lege with you! Highgh school years are im­por­tant and can de­ter­mine the suc­cess ccess of your col­lege ca­reer Avoidin­goid­ing hard classes in high school will not help you in col­lege Highgh school col­lege-prep classes ac­tu­ally do pre­pare

you u for col­lege… take them

Popp quizzes are fair game When­hen to stop tex­ting, turn off offffffffffffffffff the TV, put down your

MP3 3 player and start study­ing Thatat you must READ your text books and study your

notes tes be­fore the test Li­braries­raries were built for a rea­son. Know your way to the

li­brary…there rary…there are books in there that will help you Howw to find the main idea of a story or ar­ti­cle Howw to take great notes… great notes lead d to good pa­pers Good study habits are es­sen­tial and never go out of style How to write and edit YOUR pa­pers re­ally well! To work and save money What it takes to get into your top col­lege choice Home­work is YOUR re­spon­si­bil­ity! Your teach­ers know ev­ery story in the book…re­mem­ber they were once stu­dents Time man­age­ment and self-dis­ci­pline are keys to suc­cess That you need to spend your sum­mers read­ing Wikipedia is your friend That de­ci­sions you make in high school and col­lege will im­pact the rest of your life The lessons learned out­side of the class­room are called life and it’s not al­ways fair To equip your­self with good morals, val­ues and stan­dards and never lower them That study­ing comes be­fore par­ty­ing! That straight ‘A’ high school stu­dents may not nec­es­sar­ily be straight ‘A’ col­lege stu­dents

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