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hSo to­day, why not cre­ate an acro­nym. Post it in a preva­lent place where you can see it each day, es­pe­cially, dur­ing times when you are doubt­ing your gift or when you need a nudge to get through some­thing chal­leng­ing or test­ing. Have a T-shirt or hat printed with it, write a poem or lyric us­ing your acro­nym, and share it with others so they will know what you’re about. Pick a weekly or monthly acro­nym to mea­sure your progress as you work to achieve your goals. Your acro­nym is your mantra, your short but fer­vent prayer that plants seeds of suc­cess in your heart and soul.

Ex­am­ple of an acro­nym worth em­brac­ing day-to-day is the word FAITH: For Any­thing, I Trust Him (God). Or, you may want to ex­pand it and write , Fear­less in the face of tests, A maz­ing gifts to share with the world, il­lu­mi­nat­ing each day with my cre­ativ­ity, ey can nur­ture, heal and motivate es­pe­cially when they are hand­picked pur­posely to do just that. The right words can en­cour­age you to reach high and get “it” done whether “it” is writ­ing a novel, de­sign­ing a cloth­ing line, acing your SAT’s, break­ing a track and field record, au­di­tion­ing for a Broad­way play, etc.

One way to utilize the power of words is by cre­at­ing an acro­nym for your name, a mean­ing­ful word, your vi­sion or goals for the fu­ture. An acro­nym is a word formed from the ini­tial let­ters of other words. They can be used as a pos­i­tive tool for self-mo­ti­va­tion; a back-up squad that pro­pels you for­ward and re­minds you of all the great traits you’ve been be­stowed with. Trusting that all my dreams will man­i­fest, Hum­bled by it all.

To get you started, here are some mo­ti­va­tional words for the let­ters A-Z so that you can cre­ate your acro­nym of choice. May they trans­form your life so that you can leave your unique in­scrip­tion on this world.

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