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1. Mints or gum Be pre­pared when up close and per­sonal with friends. A kiss re­quires fresh breath. Don’t for­get about that mint after eat­ing a gar­lic steak din­ner.

2. A small com­pact is a must a) Pow­der com­press. Danc­ing all night can make you very sweaty and cause your face to be­come shiny. b) Lip­stick. For after you eat. c) Kleenex. You never know when ei­ther you or a friend needs a Kleenex. Kleenex is help­ful to clean up run­ning mas­cara. d) Bobby pins. If you no­tice your hair­style is droop­ing or keeps get­ting in your face when danc­ing, use them.

3. Roller-ball per­fume or de­odor­ant. If you sweat, com­bat smell by be­ing pre­pared with these es­sen­tials.

4. Cell-phone & charger Can’t imag­ine go­ing any­where with­out the phone. If you are tak­ing pic­tures you are go­ing to need the charger--the bat­tery will die after all those pic­tures.

5. $20 Hav­ing an emer­gency twenty-dol­lar bill on you is a good idea for ev­ery day, not just the prom.

6. ID and tick­ets Some schools re­quire stu­dent ID for en­try into the dance. Don’t get all the way to the prom just to stand out­side the whole time be­cause you for­got your ID or the tick­ets.

7. Change of clothes and flats You can leave the clothes in your car just in case you need them. You wouldn’t want to drive all the way home just be­cause your date spilled a glass of grape juice on your dress. Flats are al­ways a plus after all that danc­ing,

8. Pain re­liev­ers Have you ever been out and needed a Tylenol?--Take a cou­ple just in case.

9. Nail glue Don’t lose a nail; put it back on--if wear­ing ny­lons you can use it for a run.

10. Sew­ing kit Emer­gency prom dress re­pair. A sew­ing kit will also have some pins in case your dress doesn’t fit DT .

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