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I met Mabou Loiseau at her home in Queens, New York. From start to fin­ish, she wowed me with her tal­ent and ge­nius acu­men. Her ver­nac­u­lar of speech is amaz­ing. Dur­ing the in­ter­view, she spoke in dif­fer­ent lan­guages. In Ara­bic and Rus­sian, she said, “I love my mommy and daddy.” Mabou’s lovely spirit en­gaged me--the more I wanted to know about her ac­com­plish­ments. Mabou Loiseau is a poly­glot girl who speaks, writes, and reads 8 lan­guages and plays 8 mu­si­cal in­stru­ments. She plays ten­nis in the morn­ing--five-days a week. Mabou loves to ice skate and does it three times a week. She also swims twice a week. Mabou will grad­u­ate as a pro­fes­sional swim­mer in the next few months. She also dances, acts, draws, paints and SINGS! By the age of seven, Mabou spoke French, Cre­ole, Span­ish, Man­darin, Ara­bic and Rus­sian. She learned them all at DoReMi Arts & Lan­guages. There, she also learned how to play the pi­ano, vi­o­lin, gui­tar, harp, clar­inet, conga, drums and the flute. The first in­stru­ment she played was the pi­ano. Her fa­vorites are: pi­ano and vi­o­lin. She says, even though learn­ing is chal­leng­ing, she came to love the pi­ano and vi­o­lin be­cause her teacher makes it in­ter­est­ing. I like the way the teacher teaches me, she is al­ways smil­ing at

me and laugh­ing.”

Mabou is one of the most 10 bril­liant kids in the world. Facto Fun head­lines her as one of the top 10 amaz­ingly bril­liant prodi­gies in the world. BET news wrote that she is one of the 13 na­tional prodi­gies, and one of the top 10 black child prodi­gies. The Daily News calls Mabou “Su­per­girl.” Count­less ar­ti­cles were writ­ten about Mabou in the New York News­day and in the Rus­sian news­pa­pers. She has even been men­tioned on some Rus­sian TV shows. ---

Iasked Mabou

how does she stay fo­cused. She said she was born smart. If her mom didn’t push her she wouldn’t be here now. She likes what she is do­ing and she is al­ways happy. Mabou en­joys be­ing a poly­glot. Cur­rently, she is learn­ing her 9th lan­guage--Ja­panese. At eight years old, she is in the fifth grade and is study­ing col­lege level Al­ge­bra I. Mabou says that her mom, Es­ther, in­spires her. If it wasn’t for her, she would not be who she is to­day. Mabou is ex­cited about her fu­ture. She wants to be a great singer who can change the world! She is fas­ci­nated about the brain and wants to take a closer look at it. She as­pires to be a brain sur­geon and lawyer.

Es­ther, Mabou’s mom was touched dur­ing the in­ter­view. Es­ther in­vests her time and all that she has in Mabou. She says that she is re­warded by Mabou’s ac­com­plish­ments and not look­ing for any mone­tary re­turn. Es­ther says, “Mabou can do any­thing she works at.” Mabou is her fo­cus and only child. At the age of forty -one, she gave birth to Mabou and knew she was a bless­ing-- a tal­ented daugh­ter. Es­ther made her home a cas­tle for teach­ing and learn­ing. The green liv­ing room walls are cov­ered with flash­cards and Mabou’s class­room is just a few feet away. The walls are graced with Es­ther’s heroes, and and fa­mous peo­ple. Es­ther says that Mabou never at­tended pub­lic school, she taught her some of the lan­guages and all the needed cour­ses. Mabou wants to be in col­lege at four­teen. Es­ther be­lieves this can hap­pen. She builds on her aca­demic foun­da­tion and never moves for­ward un­til Mabou has achieved her cur­rent stud­ies. Several times Es­ther has been asked, “How does the poly­glot do it?” She says that Mabou is the only child and her only stu­dent, so, it’s not hard. Mabou stud­ies eight hours a day and some read­ing. She does watch a cou­ple of hours of TV and does have play­time. Each day she stud­ies a few hours on a dif­fer­ent lan­guage. I was thrilled to do this in­ter­view. Mabou is a bril­liant young lady and there is much in store for her.

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