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Time for Kids re­ports that no­body likes do­ing the dishes, but it turns out that do­ing this mun­dane task might pay off in an un­ex­pected way. Ac­cord­ing to a new study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Pe­di­atrics, wash­ing dishes by hand in­stead of us­ing a dish­washer might pre­vent the devel­op­ment of al­ler­gies. Re­searchers in Swe­den sur­veyed the par­ents of 1,029 chil­dren ages 7 and 8. They dis­cov­ered that chil­dren whose fam­i­lies hand-washed the dishes in­stead of us­ing a ma­chine were less likely to have al­ler­gies. Ear­lier re­search has shown that dishes washed by ma­chine are cleaner than those washed by hand. So why would kids who eat off of slightly dirt­ier plates be bet­ter off when it comes to pre­vent­ing al­ler­gies? One ex­pla­na­tion is based on a the­ory known as the “hy­giene hy­poth­e­sis,” which says the rea­son kids de­velop al­ler­gies is be­cause their sur­round­ings are ac­tu­ally too clean. Your im­mune sys­tem keeps you healthy by fight­ing germs like bac­te­ria and viruses. But when you have al­ler­gies, it over­re­acts and tries to fight or­di­nary things like pollen or cer­tain foods. Be­ing ex­posed to germs, es­pe­cially early in life, is good train­ing for the im­mune sys­tem, says the lead au­thor of the study, Dr. Bill Hes­sel­mar of Queen Sil­via Hos­pi­tal in Swe­den. “You stim­u­late the im­mune sys­tem in var­i­ous ways and it be­comes tol­er­ant.” This study shows that while us­ing the dish­washer might be eas­ier, the old-fash­ioned method of clean­ing up could be bet­ter for your health. Source: http://www.time­forkids.com/news/more-chores-fewer-al­ler­gies/217436

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