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he real scoop is that board games do stim­u­late your brain and make you smarter. Most would con­sider them en­ter­tain­ment, how­ever, any­body who knows any­thing about board games can tell you that the best games are the ones that are both fun and give your brain a work­out. This is hardly a new phe­nom­e­non or study; peo­ple have been play­ing them for years. I’ve com­piled a list of some of the most in­tel­li­gent and fun board games on the mar­ket.

SCRAM­BLE It’s an old fa­vorite! Us­ing the let­ters given to you, make words to gain points. Who­ever ends up with the most points, wins!

How it makes you smarter/ more cre­ative: Play this game a lot and you’ll be im­prov­ing your word reser­voir, which every­one around you will ap­pre­ci­ate.

TICKET TO RIDE Tick to Ride re­quires play­ers to col­lect train car cards that they use to claim rail­way routes across the map. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Ad­di­tional points come from ful­fill­ing des­ti­na­tion tick­ets that con­nect dis­tant cities. There are a va­ri­ety of edi­tions out now, each map­ping a dif­fer­ent coun­try, con­ti­nent or area of the world. This play teaches you to build upon your knowl­edge of past and present ge­og­ra­phy. This is be­cause some of the maps are his­tor­i­cal. Trains have never been so much fun!


The goal of the game is to take out the op­pos­ing player’s king.

How it makes you smarter/ more cre­ative: There are way more strate­gies out there for chess than I can write about here. Suf­fice it to say, to be­come even semi-de­cent at chess, you’ll need to have good an­a­lyt­i­cal skills and an abil­ity to pre­dict your op­po­nent’s moves far in ad­vance. Both of which could come in handy in any num­ber of pro­fes­sions.


Ba­si­cally, lad­ders are good. Chutes are bad!

How it makes you smarter/ more cre­ative: This game will help you han­dle your­self well in times of crisis. In Chutes and Lad­ders, you will of­ten find your­self ran­domly knock­ing down sev­eral squares for no rea­son other than sheer ran­dom chance, much like what hap­pens in re­al­ity.

PAY DAY Pay Day is an eas­ier ver­sion of Life or Mo­nop­oly. You’ll be given a monthly salary, and you’ll need to bud­get it well to win.

How it makes you smarter/ more cre­ative: You will def­i­nitely learn some­thing about the value of money play­ing this game. Also, this game is great at demon­strat­ing the fickle na­ture of the capitalist sys­tem.

POWER GRID Power Grid is to sup­ply power to the most cities. To do this you mark pre­ex­ist­ing routes be­tween cities for con­nec­tion, and then bid against each other to pur­chase the power plants. You must also ac­quire raw ma­te­ri­als to power these plants. Prob­lems may arise if you ex­pand too fast and miss out on new tech­nol­ogy. As such, the game re­quires you to weigh up op­tions log­i­cally and strate­gi­cally, as well as deal with the po­ten­tial fall­outs of your de­ci­sions.

This play helps to think ahead and de­duce that the best course of ac­tion.

CLUE You must find out who the killer is, their weapon of choice, and the room where the mur­der oc­curred.

How it makes you smarter/ more cre­ative: Im­prove your pow­ers of de­duc­tion! Clue prob­a­bly won’t qual­ify you to be­come a pro­fes­sional sleuth, though hope­fully it will make you more ob­ser­vant!

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