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Open­ing youth up to new ideas will pro­duce a mas­ter­mind and en­traprenure. Kid­prenure, 9 year old T’Lario founded Tiger Mush­room Farms along with his fam­ily. I asked T’Lario “Why mush­rooms?” While in Cub­scouts, he grew cat grass and basil. He was in­spired to grow some­thing. Since mushooms can grow in the dark, it was a great choice. He says mush­rooms are in­ter­est­ing, healthy and fun to grow; full of pro­tien and Vi­ta­min D. He grows ap­prox­i­mately 20 pounds of oys­ters and sev­eral Shi­itake mushroms in his home. The oys­ter mush­rooms grow well in a hot place; he grows them in straw in a spare bed­room. The Maitake mush­rooms grow in his base­ment where it is cool. Tiger Mush­room Farms now sell mush­rooms and mush­room prod­ucts ( dried shi­itake and a dry soup mix) at sev­eral lo­cal Farm­ers’ Mar­kets. They are also a part of a CSA and have been sold to restau­rants in Columbus Ohio. T’Lario is liv­ing his dream. He is growing a gar­den of veg­eta­bles to do­nate them to lo­cal food banks. He has ap­peard on sev­eral TV shows such as, The Steve Har­vey Show and 10-10 TV News. He has also trav­eled to speak at Food Ex­pos. DREAM TEEM Mag­a­zine en­joyed in­ter­view­ing T’Lario. He and his fam­ily have a great fu­ture ahead of them. DT

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