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Ac­cord­ing to jo­han Knaap, Kwpn di­rec­tor, “Kwpn horses are so suc­cess­ful at the top lev­els of in­ter­na­tional dres­sage thanks to strict se­lec­tion by both our stud­book and our breed­ers. This has re­sulted in strong dam lines, in which per­for­mance is deeply rooted. The pred­i­cate sys­tem is unique: no other stud­book dis­tin­guishes the qual­i­ties of their mares in this man­ner. ev­ery pred­i­cate has a dif­fer­ent mean­ing and en­tails dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments to re­ceive the pred­i­cate.”

pred­i­cates re­flect var­i­ous as­pects of the Kwpn breed­ing goals. Some are earned by the horse, oth­ers are earned through off­spring. For ex­am­ple, at the time of in­spec­tion, a horse can be awarded a ster pred­i­cate, in­di­cat­ing the horse has above-av­er­age con­for­ma­tion and move­ment an door jump­ing abil­ity. Li­wilarda, Ver­dades’ dam, is dis­tin­guished with a ster pred­i­cate. Award­ing of this pred­i­cate is based on the num­ber of points the horse has earned in these cat­e­gories and re­quires a min­i­mum height of 160 cm (15.S hands). wilarda, Ver­dades grand­dam, earned three pred­i­cates: keur, pref and prest. Keur in­di­cates con­for­ma­tion higher than for ster and the com­ple­tion of per­for­mance test­ing or equiv­a­lent sport re­quire­ments. Pref is a pred­i­cate awarded to Kwpn-reg­is­tered mares who have pro­duced three off­spring who have earned the ster pred­i­cate. Prest is a pred­i­cate awarded to Kwpn-reg­is­tered mares who have three off­spring earn­ing a com­bined min­i­mum of five points in var­i­ous per­for­mance tests Oopen com­pe­ti­tions. Pref and prest pred­i­cates can be awarded posthu­mously.

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