THE EATINGWELL GOOD-LIFE GURUS These Instagram accounts inspire us to get outside—and make the most of glorious summer!



Janae Baron blogs every day about her daily runs and what she’s cooking at hungryrunn­, but it’s her ’gram we love for year-round shots of her pounding the pavement. She’s completed all sorts of races and, as a mom of four, reminds us that prioritizi­ng exercise as a parent is important: “It keeps me sane, it is my ‘me’ time, it brings me strength, hope, and I sure love those post-run endorphins.” @womenwhohi­ke

Follow this account where women share mini profiles of their hikes— and some amazing vistas—from all around the world. Like this one (shown): “Meet Melba, Jess and Olga! ... the three of them makeup@ all colors in nature :‘ Our mission is to use our platform to inspire people of color to explore, connect, and play within the great outdoors.’” It sure makes us ready to lace up our hiking boots! @kateplusfa­te

Whether you ride trails, roads or pedal a Spin bike, profession­al mountain bike racer Kate Courtney is worth following just for those times when you need some get-up-and-go power. Expect action shots and videos, plus adorable snaps of her dog, Monte the Vizla (who has his own Instagram—@ourfullmon­te). She also posts her favorite snacks for refueling. She really loves snacking.

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