The Beauty of Calm

Lavender has potent, science-proven stress-soothing benefits. These products bring that aah to your beauty routine.

- By Christina Vercellett­o

The floral, fresh-scrubbed scent is instantly recognizab­le to most of us. The word lavender comes from the Latin “lavare,” or “to wash.” Its first documented use was in 77 A.D. by the Romans, who used it to clean bug bites. The ancient Greeks, meanwhile, famously put lavender in their baths. The herb is the “poster scent of aromathera­py,” says Jennifer Pressimone, a clinical aromathera­pist and herbalist in Clermont, Florida. Studies have shown that lavender has calming

effects and can hasten sleep. An Italian review and meta-analysis found that the scent of lavender significan­tly reduced feelings of anxiety, and a 2021 study published in the journal Nutrients showed that the herb interacts with neurotrans­mitters in the brain that control sleep—including insomnia—and induce a calming effect in the body. No wonder its distinctiv­e, dreamy scent wafts out of so many beauty products. Here are some of our favorites. Deep inhales, everyone.

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