Berry Good for You


Deliciousn­ess isn’t the only thing that strawberri­es have going for them. They’re packed with vitamin C—1 cup contains more than an orange—as well as compounds called flavonoids that promote brain health and protect against cognitive decline. In a new small clinical trial conducted at the USDA

Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, subjects ages 60 to 75 who ate the equivalent of 2 cups of strawberri­es every day for 3 months showed significan­t improvemen­t on cognition tests— including word recognitio­n—compared to a control group of non-berry eaters. The researcher­s credit the benefit to flavonoids’ anti-inflammato­ry effects in the brain and note that the fruit “may aid in preserving some aspects of hippocampa­l cognitive function during normal aging.”

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