A Sea of CSFS


Community supported fisheries are becoming so popular that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, the Local Catch Network ( does it for you with a searchable database of the country’s CSFS. But here are a few standouts.

Cape Ann Fresh Catch in Gloucester, Massachuse­tts, is among the country’s largest CSFS, and one of its first. It offers pickup locations six days a week for fish including hake, pollock and redfish, as well as home delivery within 50 miles of its headquarte­rs.

Get Hooked sells weekly shares of rockfish, ridgeback prawn, black cod and other delicacies from the waters of Santa Barbara, California. Although it allows customers to opt out of species they’re not familiar with, like a giant snail called the Kellet’s whelk, you shouldn’t miss this “escargot of the sea.”

Walking Fish, one of North Carolina’s several CSFS, provides twice-monthly seafood shares to customers in the Durham and Raleigh areas. Bonus: It has an online cookbook full of ways to prepare your catch— including Southern classics like Bay and Beer Shrimp and Jumpin’ Mullet Muddle.

NH Community Seafood has 21 pickup locations around New Hampshire, and offers Atlantic bounty from Acadian redfish to yellowtail flounder. “There are a lot of really great fish that are caught off the coast of New Hampshire that people around here have never tried,” says fisherman David Goethel.

Nash Family Fish ships line-caught coho salmon from Southeast Alaska to your doorstep. True to its name, it’s a family affair: the operation is run by Iris and Chris Nash, with help from their kids, Yakobi and Espen. “These fish are such magnificen­t creatures,” says Iris. “We’re in awe of them.”

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