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Adam Mandell

Vice President of Sales, Cleveland Jewish Publicatio­n Company


How did you get your start in media sales?

I started in 1992 working as a sales assistant for the Atlanta Journalcon­stitution. I moved back home to Cleveland in 1996 and worked as an Account Executive at Crain’s Cleveland Business until 2014. I made a change in 2014 to become Director of Sales at the Cleveland Jewish Publicatio­n Company and was promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2015.

Who had the most influence in helping you become successful in sales?

Jeanne Cash, who worked at Crain’s Cleveland Business, took me under her wing when I started at Crain’s and became my mentor. Also, my wife, Laurie, was in the advertisin­g business when we first met. She taught me how to better prospect, help get past the gatekeeper and turn noes into yesses.

What advice would you give to others struggling with media sales or those who have become frustrated with the new digital solutions they must master to represent their company to advertiser­s?

Never give up. The rush of getting one sale after 99 noes is still worth it. There is no better feeling than getting an insertion order or signed contract. I still love writing up an order. Digital has been an exciting time to expand your business. Some clients don’t want to run print, so digital has allowed sales reps to sell a different medium. I find it fun to sell ROS ads, email blasts, popups, takeovers, etc. You learn so much more about your clients and build even tighter relationsh­ips.

Is there a single sales book, video, or sales trainer you recommend to others?

“Little Red Book of Selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer. Also, sales trainer

Hal Becker who lives in Cleveland and travels around the country.

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