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Public notices have been center stage in many states lately, so it didn’t surprise E&P that a partner like Column Software, PBC (Column) would receive several nomination­s. The company provides publishers with a public notice software platform to streamline operations and deliver a modern customer experience to local government­s, legal services and businesses required to place public notices. From scheduling to proofing to pricing to affidavits, Column is an extra pair of hands for automating the timeconsum­ing parts of a newspaper

staff’s workflow. And who doesn’t need an extra pair of hands?

Column also provides an elegant billing and invoicing system for publishers and their clients. They even cover credit card fees for online transactio­ns — putting money back in the publicatio­n’s pocket, notice-bynotice. Column empowers publishers and their clients with custom-branded self-service order entry tools and sends them automated updates of proofs, invoices and affidavits.

Columns’ customers gave them ringing endorsemen­ts for customer service, innovation and dedication. Kevin Zepezauer, president and publisher of Restoratio­n News Media, said, “Column’s responsive­ness to our questions or concerns have made for a smooth and successful transition process for us and our clients. We have also really valued their innovative approach. They bring such creativity and energy to every new idea or product enhancemen­t.”

Marco Coppolla, legals clerk at The Daily Territoria­l in Tucson, Arizona, stated, “Column has revolution­ized the process of publishing legal notices for my newspaper. They’ve created a userfriend­ly platform that has empowered my clients to submit legal notices, view and pay invoices and obtain affidavits all online.”

“Column is also a dedicated group of problem solvers,” said Carla Asmundson, the advertisin­g sales manager for the Southern California News Group. “We have thrown plenty of challenges their way, and they routinely work hard to deliver a creative solution or new approach. The Column team is a group of innovators that really believe in helping publishers and our communitie­s improve the public notice process.”

Jake Seaton, founder and CEO of Column, said, “We are so proud to serve an incredible network of publishing partners across the country. From small family-owned operations to major enterprise media companies, Column’s tools have been built directly from publisher feedback and have scaled to new capabiliti­es from publisher enthusiasm and ideas. We are deeply collaborat­ive partners that believe in building technology that makes the lives of a newspaper staff better.”

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The Column team enjoying Florida weather.
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