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Small community papers often struggle with getting everything done with minimal resources. etype Services is there to help. The company is a leading provider of digital products and services for over 500 community newspapers across the U.S. etype Services specialize­s in news websites, e-editions and news apps. They also help papers with circulatio­n and production. etype Services’ easy-touse, affordable solutions help eliminate the barriers to entry for small- and medium-size newspapers seeking to reach more readers and increase revenue by uniting their digital and print strategies. They provide service matched with state-of-the-art software and act as a digital team for papers too small to afford a digital team on-site.

J.D. Meisner, publisher and owner of Cimarron Valley Communicat­ions in

Oklahoma, told us, “I have been a client of etype since 2013 and have watched this company grow and evolve… by adapting to its customers’ needs. Knowing you can’t put all newspapers into the same box, Thad (Swiderski, founder and president at etype), along with his capable staff, is willing to listen to our needs and create what we are looking for. He is willing to invest his company’s time and resources into what might be, at times, my hairbraine­d schemes to see if we can make them work…. Response time when we have a problem has always been sameday — most of the time within the hour. Thad’s dedication to his customers is unmatched, and when he says, ‘See you at the convention,’ he means it.”

“Day-in, day-out, they support our three weekly newspapers with reliable print and digital production support, which allows our small staff to focus on newsgather­ing and telling the stories of our communitie­s,” said Kay Ellington, publisher of The Texas Spur. “etype is responsive and quality driven. Their motto is, ‘We’re not a technology company; we’re a newspaper company.’ Many of their staffers are former newspaper employees who understand and respect our industry. For dozens of small newspapers, they are a vital resource for our sustainabi­lity. We appreciate them every day. They help us sleep at night.” And that’s what a business partner powerhouse is all about.

 ?? ?? Thad Swiderski, president of etype Services
Thad Swiderski, president of etype Services
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