Who cares about cli­mate change?

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“Congress shall make no law ... abridg­ing the free­dom of speech, or of the press ... . ” — From the First Amend­ment to Con­sti­tu­tion

Some­how in this coun­try, we have turned ev­ery ma­jor is­sue into a po­lit­i­cal is­sue. One of the big­gest hot-but­ton top­ics is cli­mate change. Once known as global warm­ing, some peo­ple be­lieve that the world is heat­ing up and even­tu­ally, we’re go­ing to be liv­ing on a far harsher planet.

Oh, and by “some peo­ple,” I mean most peo­ple and 99 per­cent of the sci­en­tific com­mu­nity.

Un­for­tu­nately, there are those in power that don’t be­lieve in cli­mate change or if they do, they don’t think that hu­mans are nec­es­sar­ily at fault. In or­der to sim­ply prove them­selves right, they are will­ing to kill any mea­sures to pro­tect the planet just to show how con­fi­dent they are that cli­mate change isn’t re­ally a big deal.

My prob­lem is this. Who cares about cli­mate change and whether it’s real? Don’t get me wrong, I ab­so­lutely be­lieve in cli­mate change and think that we should do some­thing about it.

That’s not re­ally my point.

My point is that I don’t un­der­stand why there has to be a prob­lem with the planet be­fore we stand up in or­der to pro­tect it?

I know that space travel is a thing and that even­tu­ally, very far into the fu­ture, we’ll prob­a­bly be out amongst the stars if we don’t blow our­selves up first. At this point, though, we’ve barely made it to the moon ... and that was back in the 1970s.

Sure, the pres­i­dent wants bil­lions of dol­lars for an un­nec­es­sary Space Force be­cause ... I guess that sounds cool?

The truth still re­mains, though, and that is the fact that we’re not go­ing to be liv­ing it large in space. That means good ole planet Earth is our home for the fore­see­able fu­ture.

Since we’re not go­ing any­where any­time soon, why are we not more con­cerned about keep­ing the planet safe?

It’s like when you go over to a friend’s house and there’s garbage ev­ery­where and the sink’s full of nasty dishes with wasted food on them. It’s just dis­gust­ing and we can do bet­ter.

There­fore, I’m urg­ing you to help take care of the planet, but I’m not ask­ing you to do it be­cause there is some im­me­di­ate cri­sis in front of us that will af­fect all gen­er­a­tions for years to come.

I’m ask­ing you to do it be­cause it is only right to take care of this beau­ti­ful blue planet we call “home.”

If you do that, then this good ole planet may just take care of you in re­turn.••• J.T. John­son is a guest colum­nist for The Saline Courier. His opin­ions are his own and do not rep­re­sent this

pub­li­ca­tion or its em­ploy­ees.

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