Sick son doesn’t want to miss school

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DEAR HARRIETTE: It seems like every­body in my house has come down with a cold or some­thing. My son is bark­ing like a dog, as my mother used to say. It seems like a reg­u­lar cold, but I know he should rest. He is wor­ried that he is go­ing to miss an im­por­tant test in school. He is also afraid that if he goes to school, he may end up get­ting other kids sick. He went in one day al­ready, and a teacher wouldn’t let him in her class­room. How can I help him get well while still stay­ing cur­rent in school? -- Sick Kid

DEAR SICK KID: As a par­ent, you need to step in as the voice of rea­son and author­ity. If your son is sick and po­ten­tially con­ta­gious, he should not go to school -- pe­riod.

You should take your son to the doc­tor to find out ex­actly what’s wrong with him and how you can sup­port his heal­ing. While it could just be a cold, you don’t know what he’s got. Get him eval­u­ated, and re­quest a med­i­cal note ex­cus­ing him from school. You should also con­tact the school di­rectly to let them know that your son has been ill, which is why you kept him out. Ask for makeup dates for any tests and ex­tended dead­lines for home­work that oc­curred while he was out. Don’t send him back to school un­til he is well enough to go with­out mak­ing oth­ers ill. ••• DEAR HARRIETTE: I went to an event last week­end and ran into a man who used to be a huge crush for me. I haven’t seen him in years. That night I had a dream that he kissed me; I blushed even in my sleep. I re­al­ize that I still like him, even af­ter all this time. We are both sin­gle, but it’s been like seven or eight years since we have seen each other. We did ex­change num­bers. Should I call him? Should I tell him about my dream? -Smit­ten DEAR SMIT­TEN: It sounds like only time has passed, not your crush. Be­fore you do any­thing, go back down mem­ory lane and re­call what your re­la­tion­ship was like with this man years ago. You say he was your crush. Did he ever share your pas­sion? If it was one-sided then, it could be the same now.

If the at­trac­tion was not ob­vi­ously two-sided back in the day, cool your jets. You may not be able to trust your in­stincts now. I rec­om­mend that you do noth­ing. If this man is in­ter­ested in you, let him make the first move. Oth­er­wise, don’t leap back­ward into a time warp that didn’t serve you back then.

Let’s say that some­thing about this mo­ment makes you feel that the at­trac­tion is real; I still rec­om­mend that you let him make the first move. In this way, you will have as­sur­ance that he is con­tact­ing you be­cause he wants to, rather than be­cause he is re­spond­ing to your call.

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