Dems: Putting suc­cess­ful business out of business

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Peo­ple who in­vest in rental prop­erty do so for one rea­son — to make money.

Most plan to pay off the loan they took to buy the prop­erty, pay for up­keep and pay the prop­erty taxes so that one day they can own their rental prop­erty free and clear — well at least as clear as hav­ing to pay the an­nual penalty of prop­erty own­er­ship we call prop­erty taxes al­lows.

Prop­erty that al­lows peo­ple to rent liv­ing space can be a sin­gle-fam­ily home, a du­plex or even a mul­ti­ple-story apart­ment build­ing.

Last week, Demo­cratic pres­i­den­tial hope­ful El­iz­a­beth War­ren vowed to pro­tect the coun­try’s 43 mil­lion renter house­holds from greedy land­lords who would evict them for things like not pay­ing their rent.

War­ren, a U.S. sen­a­tor from Mas­sachusetts, re­leased her plan that would help ten­ants fight evic­tion, af­ford to stay in their homes and re­tain lawyers in hous­ing courts.

The bot­tom line for her is that peo­ple who own rental prop­erty are evil for want­ing to make a profit on their in­vest­ment.

She be­lieves the fed­eral gov­ern­ment needs to step in and pro­tect renters from their money-grub­bing land­lords.

“Washington has failed Amer­ica’s renters,” War­ren wrote.

War­ren said she would make it a na­tional right to have a gov­ern­ment-pro­vided a lawyer for low-in­come renters.

She said 90 per­cent of ten­ants in evic­tion cases have no lawyer, but 90 per­cent of land­lords have le­gal counsel.

Those who have rental prop­erty have an at­tor­ney be­cause they want to fol­low the le­gal process to get dead­beat ten­ants out and find new ones. Hav­ing ten­ants who ac­tu­ally pay their rent makes sure the prop­erty owner doesn’t get his or her prop­erty fore­closed on for not pay­ing on the mort­gage.

Her plan ig­nores that the main rea­son renters are evicted is be­cause they can’t pay their rent. Renters — if they are be­ing evicted for not pay­ing the rent — can’t af­ford the rent so they can’t af­ford a lawyer.

War­ren pro­poses cre­at­ing a fed­eral evic­tion stan­dard that would re­quire land­lords to show “good cause” be­fore ini­ti­at­ing evic­tion pro­ceed­ings.

That would mean more red tape and more costs for deal­ing with bu­reau­crats for rental prop­erty own­ers.

It would also mean non-pay­ing renters get to live longer in their rented homes with­out pay­ing rent. That means rental prop­erty own­ers don’t get the rent money they need to cover their costs for own­ing the prop­erty.

War­ren prom­ises that, if elected, she would es­tab­lish a new “ten­ant pro­tec­tion bureau” within the U.S. Depart­ment of Hous­ing and Ur­ban De­vel­op­ment. Her new agency would en­force “ten­ants’ rights” and go af­ter land­lords.

War­ren said she also wants lo­cal gov­ern­ments to de­crim­i­nal­ize home­less­ness. Her plan calls for with­hold­ing fed­eral grant money for po­lice de­part­ments that ar­rest peo­ple for liv­ing on the streets.

In Colorado, the lib­eral Democrats in con­trol of Den­ver’s city gov­ern­ment are tar­get­ing prop­erty own­ers in fa­vor of the home­less.

In that town, business own­ers are be­ing fined it they don’t clean up fe­ces, urine and used drug nee­dles left by home­less peo­ple who in­vade business prop­erty af­ter business hours.

Jawaid Baz­yar, CEO of an in­ter­net service provider in Colorado, said down­town Den­ver is turn­ing into a “bath­room stall” filled with crime, fe­ces, and used sy­ringes from drug ad­dicts.

This prob­lem is driv­ing away cus­tomers and hurt­ing business. Now Den­ver is fin­ing prop­erty own­ers for not clean­ing what the home­less leave be­hind. This is caus­ing more fi­nan­cial dis­tress for down­town busi­nesses.

Since the Great De­pres­sion of the 1930s, Democrats have con­sid­ered business as the en­emy that must be heav­ily reg­u­lated and fined wher­ever pos­si­ble.

Rent­ing prop­erty is a business. For some it is a small business. For oth­ers it is a large business.

If War­ren and other far-left lib­er­als like the Den­ver city gov­ern­ment have their way, rent­ing places for peo­ple to live in will no longer be prof­itable.

That means prop­erty own­ers will sell their rental pro­pri­ety to peo­ple who want to own it rather than rent it or con­vert big build­ings into con­dos.

Find­ing a place to rent will be­come al­most im­pos­si­ble. That will make the hous­ing sit­u­a­tion even worse, not bet­ter.

The business of business is makes a profit. The business of lib­eral Demo­crat is putting suc­cess­ful busi­nesses out of business.

JIM HAR­RIS Con­ser­va­tive Cor­ner

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