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County Ar­rests

On Nov. 5, Andrew B. Owens, 18, of Ivan was ar­rested on charges of theft of prop­erty.

On Nov. 7, Kenny W. Whid­don, 46, of Emer­son was ar­rested on two pe­ti­tions to re­voke his pro­ba­tion.

On Nov. 7, Mario D. Lev­ingston, 39, of El Do­rado was ar­rested on charges of ab­scond­ing from his pro­ba­tion/ pa­role.

On Nov. 7, Robert M. Hughes, 57, of El Do­rado was ar­rested on charges of theft of prop­erty.

On Nov. 7, El­iz­a­beth N. Hughes, 58, of El Do­rado was ar­rested on charges of theft of prop­erty.

On Nov. 9, Shar­rodo V. Taylor, 27, of El Do­rado was ar­rested on a pe­ti­tion to re­voke his pro­ba­tion.

County Re­ports

On Nov. 2, a group of mi­nors was dis­cov­ered us­ing drugs at a residence on Morn­ing Star Road. A woman re­ported that the own­ers of the residence were out of town and the house should have been empty. Of­fi­cers from the Union County Sher­iff’s Of­fice dis­cov­ered mar­i­juana, a grinder and a bong at the residence along with liquor and beer. One mi­nor said her mother owned the house and had given them per­mis­sion to be there. The mi­nors’ par­ents were called to pick them up and they were all sent home. The owner was con­tacted; she said she gave the chil­dren per­mis­sion to be at the house, but told them not to bring drugs or al­co­hol. She was ad­vised that if it hap­pens again, she could face crim­i­nal charges.

On Nov. 3, a man was ar­rested on charges of first of­fence driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence of drugs, driv­ing with­out a li­cense, no li­a­bil­ity in­sur­ance, no ve­hi­cle li­cense and no seat­belt. A deputy with the UCSO was dis­patched to Hay­nesville High­way about a car in a ditch. The deputy ar­rived and checked the ve­hi­cle, where he did not see any­one, though the car was run­ning. He then no­ticed a man passed out in the driver’s seat. Af­ter sev­eral at­tempts to wake the man, he even­tu­ally stirred. The ve­hi­cle was on and in drive while the deputy tried to wake the man up. The man had slurred and in­co­her­ent speech, ac­cord­ing to the po­lice re­port and said he was “told” that his “buddy” wrecked the car into the ditch. The man ad­mit­ted to the deputy that he smoked mar­i­juana about two and a half hours be­fore the ac­ci­dent. The man agreed to un­dergo a chem­i­cal breath and urine test. The breath test showed no al­co­hol in his sys­tem; results from the urine test have not yet been re­turned.

On Nov. 3, a deputy aided in a child cus­tody dis­pute. A man re­ported that de­spite a shared cus­tody agree­ment grant­ing him and his ex-wife equal cus­tody of their daugh­ter, his wife was not let­ting their daugh­ter leave with him. Both the child’s par­ents said they’d agreed to let the child stay with her mother on week­days since she went to school in the town her mother lives in, and stay with her fa­ther on week­ends. The par­ents also said there was pos­si­bly a pend­ing DHS case re­gard­ing the child’s stays at her fa­ther’s residence. The child said she wanted to stay at her mother’s house. The deputy ad­vised both par­ents to seek le­gal coun­sel to set­tle the is­sue.

On Nov. 3, a man was ar­rested on charges of sec­ond of­fence third­de­gree do­mes­tic bat­tery. A woman said the man was driv­ing them home from Mon­roe, Louisiana, but was drunk and scar­ing her with his driv­ing. She said when they ar­rived home, he be­gan ar­gu­ing with her when she re­fused to cook for him. She called the po­lice from her ve­hi­cle for as­sis­tance in mak­ing the man leave, at which point, she said, he fol­lowed her to her car and hit her in the back of the head sev­eral times. She said she bit his arm in self de­fense. When a deputy ar­rived at the scene, he ob­served the man to have slurred speech and smell of in­tox­i­cants.

On Nov. 4, a deputy dis­cov­ered a wrecked green Chevrolet van on its side on Aurelle Road. No one was in­side the ve­hi­cle. The deputy de­ter­mined it had been aban­doned.

On Nov. 4, a woman re­ported some­one van­dal­iz­ing her ve­hi­cle at Christo­pher Place Apart­ments in Strong. The woman said she no­ticed scratches on the front fen­der. She said one of her neigh­bors had also had some­thing sim­i­lar hap­pen re­cently.

On Nov. 4, an in­car­cer­ated woman re­ported that her boyfriend was us­ing her ve­hi­cle with­out her per­mis­sion. The woman said her par­ents would store the ve­hi­cle, a black Nis­san Max­ima, if it is found.

On Nov. 6, a man re­ported be­ing ha­rassed by a woman in Hous­ton, Texas. The man said she called his place of em­ploy­ment, which is in Union County, and told his su­per­vi­sor he used and sold drugs. The man lived in Union Parish, Louisiana. He told a UCSO deputy that of­fi­cers in Union Parish told him to re­port it to the UCSO. The deputy ad­vised the man to con­tact his lo­cal law en­force­ment in Union Parish and in Hous­ton if the woman’s threats were vi­o­lent.

On Nov. 6, a woman re­ported that she sus­pected her for­mer care­taker of steal­ing money from her. The woman’s bank dis­cov­ered sev­eral strange checks that ap­peared to be forged; upon ex­am­in­ing the checks, the woman de­ter­mined that they were forged. The woman said she also had strange charges on her credit card and sus­pected the care­taker of hav­ing ad­di­tion­ally stolen cash from her.

On Nov. 6, a Lit­tle Rock woman re­ported a scam in Union County. The woman said she’d re­ceived a call from a man who claimed to work for the UCSO. She said the man told her there was a war­rant out for her ar­rest due to her not hav­ing ap­peared for jury duty. The man said if she bought “money pack cards,” she could pay her bond over the phone with him. The woman bought the cards and at the man’s di­rec­tion read the card in­for­ma­tion to him. The UCSO of­fi­cer she spoke with ad­vised her to re­port the crime in Lit­tle Rock since it oc­curred there. The woman pro­vided the phone num­ber she re­ceived the call from; when a UCSO of­fi­cer called it, he reached a recorded line which said it was the num­ber of “Union County Court


On Nov. 7, a man re­ported that his game cam­era, blind and two chairs in­side the blind had been stolen. The man said he found and fol­lowed tracks to his neigh­bor’s home.

On Nov. 7, a man was ar­rested for mis­de­meanor fail­ure to ap­pear. The man was in a traf­fic ac­ci­dent in Smack­over. He was checked for in­juries, but said he wasn’t hurt; he was then trans­ported to the county jail.

On Nov. 7, a UCSO deputy re­sponded to a theft re­port on Parnell Road. A man said he and his wife left the house early in the af­ter­noon, and when they re­turned they found their front door stand­ing open and the back door off its hinges. The man said his cell phone was not where he’d left it when they left the house, but they were able to re­cover it in the back yard. The man said some­one pried his gun cabi­net open but none were miss­ing. He said a gun case he kept hid­den had also been pulled out, but noth­ing was miss­ing, as far as he could tell.

On Nov. 7, a man re­ported see­ing a FedEx truck run into his mail­box. The man said the FedEx driver left with­out no­ti­fy­ing him about the mail­box, so he tried to fol­low him; how­ever, the man even­tu­ally lost track of the FedEx truck. The mail­box was turned away from the road and lean­ing over.

On Nov. 7, a man re­ported that as he was try­ing to mark off land he planned to dig a ditch in, an­other man came and threat­ened him with vi­o­lence. The land is the sub­ject of an on­go­ing civil case. The man owns a com­pany which owns the mineral rights to the land he planned to dig the ditch on. He said there are oil wells on the prop­erty and not be­ing able to dig the ditch has lost him money. The sec­ond man said he would not al­low the other man to dig on the prop­erty.

On Nov. 8, a man re­ported a prop­erty dis­pute be­tween him and his ex-girl­friend. The man said he got a text from his ex in Oc­to­ber while he was away on busi­ness, which said she planned to leave the re­la­tion­ship and move out from their shared residence. He said when he re­turned home the next day, her be­long­ings were gone along with some of his. He said his ex promised to re­turn the items and she did re­turn some of them. An of­fi­cer con­tacted the man’s ex, who said when she moved, sev­eral of the man’s be­long­ings were in boxes along with hers and she just hadn’t had time yet to go through ev­ery­thing and re­turn ev­ery­thing to him. The two agreed she could have a cou­ple more weeks to sort through ev­ery­thing and re­turn his be­long­ings.

On Nov. 8, a man was ar­rested for non-pay­ment of child sup­port.

On Nov. 8, an of­fi­cer with the UCSO re­sponded to a re­port of a fight on High­way 82 West. A man said he was drop­ping his son off at his ex-wife’s house when he and his ex be­gan ar­gu­ing. The man said his ex’s boyfriend threat­ened him. The man’s ex said the man had acted in­ap­pro­pri­ately at a fu­neral and called the woman a bad mother, which is how the ar­gu­ment started. She and her boyfriend de­nied threat­en­ing the man.

On Nov. 8, a UCSO of­fi­cer ob­served a ve­hi­cle driv­ing er­rat­i­cally so he con­ducted a traf­fic stop. Af­ter check­ing the driver’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, the of­fi­cer ob­served the man shov­ing a 40 ounce beer un­der his seat. Ac­cord­ing to the po­lice re­port, the of­fi­cer also smelled al­co­hol. The driver said he’d had three beers. An­other of­fi­cer ar­rived to con­duct field so­bri­ety tests.

On Nov. 9, a woman re­ported that her son had taken her car. The woman said her son and his girl­friend took the ve­hi­cle from her residence while she was asleep. She said she did not want to file charges, only to get her car back. She called the UCSO back later to tell them that her son had re­turned the car.

On Nov. 9, a man re­ported that a gun was stolen from his home two years ago. The man said the gun stayed in the same place at all times ex­cept when his grand­kids were at the house, when it would be put out of their reach. The gun was de­scribed as a Remington Model 5 .22.

City Ar­rests

• Wil­liam James, 53, of 1015 Booker T. Wash­ing­ton, was ar­rested Nov. 10 on a Union County Sher­iff’s Of­fice war­rant for pe­ti­tion to re­voke pro­ba­tion.

• Donald R. Holmes, 30, of Cam­den, was ar­rested Nov. 9 for res­i­den­tial bur­glary and theft of prop­erty. A woman told po­lice that Holmes, her ex-boyfriend, en­tered her residence in the 1300 blockof North Mosby with­out autho­riza­tion and be­gan ar­gu­ing with her. She said Holmes took a flat-screen TV and left the residence. Oua­chita County Sher­iff’s Of­fice deputies later ar­rested Holmes dur­ing a traf­fic stop near Cam­den. Deputies re­cov­ered the TV and a hand­gun from Holmes’sve­hi­cle, ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port.

• LaChris­tian K. Brice, 21, of 725 Bradley, Apt. 227, was ar­rested Nov. 9 for res­i­den­tial bur­glary and first-de­gree crim­i­nal mis­chief. A man told po­lice that his girl­friend con­fronted him on the park­ing lot of his apart­ment com­plex in the 1600 block of Short East Hills­boro. He said he walked away from her and went in­side his residence. He said the sus­pect be­gan bang­ing on the door, and he re­fused to open it. He said the bang­ing stopped and Brice then walked in­side the residence, not­ing that she must have used a key be­cause the door had been locked. The man said Brice was wield­ing and be­gan “cutting and stab­bing the walls” with a knife. She grabbed his cell­phone and smashed it against a wall and used a can of green beans to bust out a win­dow in the bed­room. Po­lice said the can of green beans was lay­ing on the floor when they ar­rived, and there were two holes in the wall. Po­lice said they lo­cated Brice two blocks away and took her into cus­tody.

• Raechel L. Mur­phy, 27, of 208 Dusty Trail, was ar­rested Nov. 9 on a Miller County Sher­iff’s Of­fice war­rant for pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

• Wil­bur Hol­li­man, 49, and Shan­novette S. Rucks, 30, both of 1324 W. First, Apt. 31, were ar­rested Nov. 7. Hol­li­man was charged with ag­gra­vated as­sault on a fam­ily or house­hold mem­ber, do­mes­tic bat­ter­ing, third-de­gree, and a Clark County war­rant for fail­ure to ap­pear. Rucks was also ar­rested for third-de­gree do­mes­tic bat­ter­ing, ob­struc­tion of gov­ern­men­tal op­er­a­tions and a war­rant for en­force­ment of fines. Hol­li­man told po­lice that Rucks, his wife, struck him sev­eral times in the face dur­ing an ar­gu­ment. Po­lice said Hol­li­man’s face was bleed­ing in sev­eral places. Rucks told of­fi­cers that Hol­li­man struck her in the face, pinned her on her back and choked her. She said she was able to get away and runto a neigh­bor’s residence. Po­lice said Rucks had sev­eral scratches on her neck. A wit­ness told po­lice that she fixed Rucks’s hair in the neigh­bor’s residence, and Rucks left the residence and re­turned min­utes later “with­out her hair.” Hol­li­man told po­lice that he yanked Rucks’s hair weave from her head as she was striking him.

• Christo­pher C. Kim­ble, 29, of 620 W. Sec­ond, was ar­rested Nov. 6 for pos­ses­sion of metham­phetamine, shoplift­ing and ob­struc­tion of gov­ern­men­tal op­er­a­tions. Of­fi­cers re­sponded to a re­port of shoplift­ing at Dol­lar Gen­eral, 840 W. Hills­boro, and an em­ployee said a man, later iden­ti­fied as Kim­ble, placed sev­eral items in­side his shirt and walked to the back of the store. When she con­fronted the man about the items, he placed a can of po­tato chips on a dis­play rack and left the busi­ness, the em­ployee said. Po­lice said they searched the area and saw a male fit­ting a de­scrip­tion pro­vided by the store em­ployee walk­ing in the area of Col­lege and West Hills­boro. They said the male walked to a nearby residence in the 500 block of South Col­lege and sat un­der­neath the car­port. The male told po­lice he lived at the residence and pro­vided a false name, ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port. Po­lice noted sev­eral items with price tags on the ground be­hind the chair in which the man had been sit­ting. The man was taken into cus­tody, and dur­ing a search in­ci­dent to ar­rest, po­lice said they found a bag of metham­phetamine in­side his right front pocket. The Dol­lar em­ployee pos­i­tively iden­ti­fied Kim­ble as the man who had taken items from the store.

• Roderick R. Hicks, 48, of 1002 E. Mon­roe, was ar­rested Nov. 5 for sec­ond-de­gree bat­tery, ag­gra­vated as­sault and false im­pris­on­ment, sec­ond-de­gree. Hicks is ac­cused of hold­ing his girl­friend against her will and beat­ing her for sev­eral days. Po­lice said both of the woman’s eyes were black, there were bruises all over her body and swelling and se­vere bruis­ing to her ab­domen. She told po­lice that at one point, Hicks choked her with her hooded sweat­shirt, caus­ing her to lose con­scious­ness. The woman was treated and re­leased from Med­i­cal Cen­ter of South Arkansas, po­lice said. Hicks was ini­tially taken into cus­tody on a mis­de­meanor war­rant for fail­ure to ap­pear.

• Jeremiah J. John­son, 21, of Lit­tle Rock, was ar­rested Nov. 5 for break­ing or en­ter­ing, theft of prop­erty, fraud­u­lent use of a credit card, ob­struc­tion of gov­ern­men­tal op­er­a­tions, pos­ses­sion of in­stru­ments of crime and flee­ing. John­son is ac­cused of at­tempt­ing to use credit cards that were re­ported stolen from a ve­hi­cle at Camp­fire El Do­rado, 913 Arkansas. A woman told po­lice that the sus­pect(s) broke into the ve­hi­cle and took her purse, which con­tained two cell­phones, a Wi-Fi en­abled de­vice, $140 cash, four credit cards, two bank cards, two check­books, four flash drives, pre­scrip­tion med­i­ca­tion and a winebot­tle opener. The woman said she was in process of try­ing to can­cel the credit and bank cards when she re­ceived a no­ti­fi­ca­tion that some­one at­tempted to use one of the credit cards at Wal­greens, 2135 N. West Ave., to make a $514.44 pur­chase. The trans­ac­tion was de­nied, ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port. Po­lice said the in­ci­dent was cap­tured on the store’s sur­veil­lance video cam­era. As of­fi­cers left Wal­greens, they learned that a male, later iden­ti­fied as John­son, was at­tempt­ing to pur­chase a TV and two lap­top com­put­ers from Wal­mart Su­per­center, 2730 N. West Ave. Of­fi­cers said John­son matched the de­scrip­tion that was pro­vided for the sus­pect in Wal­greens. Po­lice said John­son fled from Wal­mart when they ap­proached him and was ap­pre­hended af­ter a brief foot chase. They said John­son was car­ry­ing a back­pack that con­tained a credit card be­long­ing to the com­plainant, a bank card be­long­ing to an­other male and a win­dow-break­ing tool. Po­lice said emer­gency med­i­cal tech­ni­cians treated John­son on the scene af­ter he com­plained of striking his head on rocks when he jumped into a 20-foot ravine and ran through a creek, just south of Wal­mart, while flee­ing from of­fi­cers. John­son ini­tially pro­vided a false name and date of birth, ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port. The com­plainant later told po­lice she re­ceived no­ti­fi­ca­tions that some­one at­tempted to use her credit cards at two other lo­cal busi­nesses, one of which was Dol­lar Gen­eral, 2207 N. West Ave. Po­lice also learned that sev­eral males used mul­ti­ple credit cards to pur­chase items at the other busi­ness, Hib­bett Sports, 2620 N. West Ave.

City Re­ports

• An em­ployee of JC Penny, 1845 N. West Ave., told po­lice Nov. 9 that two women stole $1,035.50 worth of mer­chan­dise from the busi­ness. As the women walked out the door, one of them re­port­edly told a store em­ployee, “You can’t do any­thing about it, ei­ther.” Pos­si­ble sus­pect in­for­ma­tion was pro­vided to po­lice.

• A woman told po­lice Nov. 8 there were two unau­tho­rized charges to­tal­ing $130 on her bank ac­count.

• An em­ployee of En­tergy re­ported Nov. 8 the theft of nearly $9,000 worth of elec­tri­cal ser­vices at a residence in the 1300 block of West First. The em­ployee said the theft oc­curred be­tween Jan­uary and Oc­to­ber and to­taled $8,776.85.

• Po­lice re­sponded Nov. 8 to a re­port of a rob­bery in­side a room at El Do­rado Inn, 3019 N. West Ave. A man told po­lice that two “friends,” a man and woman, came to his room and asked for money. The man said he agreed to give them money if they kept him “com­pany for 30 min­utes.” He said he then showed the male sus­pect $300 cash that he had hid­den in­side the room. He said the sus­pect im­me­di­ately took the cash, threw him onto the floor and­took an­other $240 cash from the vic­tim’s pock­ets. The vic­tim said he could not re­mem­ber the sus­pects’ names.

• A woman told po­lice Nov. 8 that her ex-boyfriend is­sued a ter­ror­is­tic threat against her.

• A woman told po­lice Nov. 5 that her

for­mer room­mate is­sued a ter­ror­is­tic threat against her.

• Em­ploy­ees of Stage, 2013 N. West Ave., told po­lice Nov. 6 that three fe­males caused a dis­tur­bance at the busi­ness. An em­ployee said one of the fe­males called her a pro­fane name and asked why the em­ployee was fol­low­ing her. The em­ployee said the sus­pect “got in her face” and “body-checked her mul­ti­ple times.” The com­plainant said one of the other sus­pects “pushed against her back,” say­ing, “You can’t hit me. I’m preg­nant.” As the sus­pects ex­ited the busi­ness, a sec­ond em­ployee walked to the front of the store to try to get a de­scrip­tion of the sus­pects’ ve­hi­cle, and she said one of the sus­pects turned around and is­sued a ter­ror­is­tic threat against her.

• A man re­ported Nov. 6 the theft of a white 2012 Toy­ota Camry from the park­ing lot of Ev­ery­body’s An­tiques, 436 S. Bradley.

• A woman told po­lice Nov. 6 that some­one broke into her ve­hi­cle at her residence in the 1200 block of West Faulkner and stole a coin pouch con­tain­ing change. A woman in the 1300 block of West Faulkner also re­ported a ve­hi­cle break-in at her residence.

She said a back­pack, con­tain­ing school books a blood-pressure cup and a plan­ner, was stolen. Po­lice said the back­pack and its con­tents, with the ex­cep­tionof the blood-pressure cuff, were found in a wooded area nearby.

• On Nov. 6, a woman told po­lice a man at­tacked her while she was vis­it­ing a friend at a residence on Taylor Street. She said the sus­pect be­gan scream­ing at her, struck her with his fists, banged her hand on the floor and kicked her. The sus­pect also stole her wal­let, which con­tained $15 cash, So­cial Se­cu­rity cards and a driver’s li­cense, the woman said. Po­lice said both of the woman’s eyes were black­ened and there were bruises on her face and right knee. They said shealso com­plained of “pain through­out her body.” The woman was treated and re­leased from Med­i­cal Cen­ter of South Arkansas, ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port.

• A man told po­lice Nov. 6 that some­one broke into his ve­hi­cle at his

residence in the 1100 block of Combs. No items were re­ported miss­ing.

• A man re­ported Nov. 5 the theft of a chain­saw from the bed of pickup truck.

• A man re­ported Nov. 5 the theft of $580 cash from his residence. He iden­ti­fied a pos­si­ble sus­pect.

• A man told po­lice Nov. 4 that some­one broke into his ve­hi­cle at his residence in the 900 block of Lock­hart and stole the stereo and speak­ers.

• A North Carolina man told po­lice Nov. 4 that some­one stole his wal­let, which con­tained a driver’s li­cense, two credit cards and a debit card. The man said he in­ad­ver­tently left the wal­let on the counter at Rapid Stop, 1800 Lorene. Po­lice said the theft was cap­tured on the store’s sur­veil­lance video cam­eras.

• A man told of­fi­cers Nov. 3 that some­one broke into his daugh­ter’s residence in the 1600 block of Short East Hills­boro. Re­ported miss­ing were a TV, a stream­ing TV stick, a gold bracelet and set of keys.

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