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To the Edi­tor:

Hu­mans cause way more dam­age than feral hogs. Hogs have been here for many years. Their habi­tat has grown tremen­dously in the last 30 years. Our for­est in South Arkansas has changed from hard­wood mix to pine for­est. Hard­wood has been clear cut, spray and set out in pine. Noth­ing left for wildlife to eat ex­cept for hogs. It’s amaz­ing what a dol­lar bill can do. We have killed bil­lions of acres of nuts, fruit and berry­bear­ing trees alone with our vines that pro­duce mus­ca­dine and berries. Acorns are a main food this time of year for most wildlife. Builds body fat that get them though win­ter.

Around 1940, Game and Fish had a game re­serve south of the Marysville/Spotville com­mu­nity. It was 6 miles wide. It was on Mur­phy land (Deltic). Had some of the best hunt­ing in the state. A lot of the bot­tom land has came up for sale in the last 20 years. I wish the Game and Fish could have ac­quired this land. Where was the an­i­mal rights group? PETA would rather pay their CEO mil­lions in­stead of us­ing it for an­i­mals. It all has been clear cut now and back up for sale.

Squir­rel hunt­ing is gone for moist hun­ters, squir­rel camps gone and now deer camps are dy­ing out. Our deer hunt­ing is go­ing to get worse and hog prob­lems are go­ing to keep grow­ing alone with their habi­tat.

If you are a hunter, bird watcher, an­i­mal lover or like look­ing at God’s cre­ation and got some nat­u­ral for­est, don’t let the dol­lar bill take it all away. Take a ride out in the coun­try and look. Google about pine plan­ta­tion and read it, then ask your­self who causes the most dam­age to nat­u­ral re­sources and has a nega­tive im­pact on just about ev­ery­thing. Yes, pine pro­duces jobs but so does hard­wood forests, not only lum­ber and cross-ties but the fruits that our wildlife need to sur­vive. En­joy what hard­wood you got to hunt now, be­cause it can very well be­come mem­o­ries. Ricky Goza Marysville

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