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County Ar­rests

• On Jan. 6, Alanza E. Reynolds, 35, of El Do­rado was ar­rested on charges of ag­gra­vated as­sault against a fam­ily or house­hold mem­ber. His mother said a year ago, South Arkansas Re­gional Health Cen­ter dis­con­tin­ued a med­i­ca­tion her son had been on that was ad­min­is­tered by shot; she said he was still pre­scribed an­other med­i­ca­tion that he took orally, but he had not been tak­ing the med­i­ca­tion as pre­scribed and she had no­ticed a rapid de­cline in his men­tal health since he had stopped tak­ing the oral med­i­ca­tion. An­other woman said Alanza Reynolds had ac­cused her of tak­ing a ban­dana from his room and when she de­nied it, he be­came ag­i­tated and ran at her and her son with a sword, threat­en­ing them. An of­fi­cer spoke with Alanza Reynolds, who was ini­tially sit­ting on his bed with the un­sheathed sword next to him. Reynolds be­came ag­i­tated, talk­ing about oth­ers steal­ing his thing and threat­en­ing them. The of­fi­cer asked him about not tak­ing his med­i­ca­tion and the man said he did not need it and didn’t plan to take it. He was booked into the jail when the Med­i­cal Cen­ter of South Arkansas did not have enough avail­able beds.

• On Jan. 7, Deon W. Glover, 44, of Hay­nesville, La. was ar­rested on a pe­ti­tion to re­voke his pro­ba­tion.

• On Jan. 11, Ken­neth P. Maroney, 35, of Strong was ar­rested on a pe­ti­tion to re­voke his pro­ba­tion.

• On Jan. 11, Emmett K. Maroney, 65, of Strong was ar­rested on charges of sec­ond-de­gree do­mes­tic bat­tery and third-de­gree do­mes­tic bat­tery at their res­i­dence. A woman re­ported Maroney was hit­ting her and beat­ing up his adult son. The woman told an of­fi­cer that Maroney tried to take her phone by plac­ing his arms around her. She said he also slammed her against the wall and into the re­frig­er­a­tor. She said he then went and sat be­side his son and be­gan threat­en­ing him. She said he hit his son in the mouth and kicked him in the stom­ach and leg. Other wit­nesses gave sim­i­lar ac­counts.

County Re­ports

• On Jan. 5, a woman re­ported her medicine miss­ing. She said she’d filled her Xanax pre­scrip­tion two days be­fore and had only taken one since then, leav­ing 59 pills in the bot­tle. She said she hadn’t left her house since she got the pre­scrip­tion filled and had only one vis­i­tor, who she did not think would have taken the medicine.

• On Jan. 5, a Smack­over po­lice of­fi­cer ad­vised the Union County Sher­iff’s Of­fice that he found a per­son he be­lieved was in­volved in cop­per thefts. The SPD of­fi­cer said he’d re­ceived a call re­port­ing a ve­hi­cle stuck in the mud on Lis­bon Road whose driver was burn­ing cop­per. The of­fi­cer found the man at a car­wash, his car cov­ered in mud and full of cop­per. The man said his car had been stuck in his own yard, not Lis­bon Road, and the cop­per was le­git­i­mately his, as he’d been col­lect­ing it to sell. The man took the SPD of­fi­cer and a UCSO deputy to his res­i­dence where he had more cop­per. His mother and grand­mother said he did not steal cop­per.

• On Jan. 6, a woman was ar­rested on charges of dis­or­derly con­duct and pub­lic in­tox­i­ca­tion. A man said she was a stranger and had been scream­ing and knock­ing on his door for al­most an hour. The woman said the man was her brother. The re­spond­ing deputy noted in the po­lice re­port that her speech was slurred and he could smell the odor of in­tox­i­cants on her breath. The deputy of­fered to take her home but the woman re­fused; she was then ar­rested.

• On Jan. 6, a man was ar­rested on charges of third-de­gree do­mes­tic bat­tery and in­ter­fer­ence with emer­gency com­mu­ni­ca­tions. His wife said they’d fought early in the day and the ar­gu­ment con­tin­ued af­ter church. She said she walked into their kitchen and the man came up be­hind her and wrapped his arms around her neck, put­ting her in a choke hold, then took her to the floor, hold­ing her down. She said she couldn’t breathe and called out for her chil­dren’s help. She said she bit the man’s hand and he let go. She said she tried to call 911, but the man took her phone so that she couldn’t. She said she then left the res­i­dence with her chil­dren and went to a friend’s house, where she was able to call 911. A deputy ob­served scrapes and bruises on her arm and chest and that she was bleed­ing from her bot­tom lip. When the deputy went to speak with the man, he said he’d ar­gued with his wife but did not give the deputy any de­tails. Ac­cord­ing to the po­lice re­port, the man said “I did not leave any marks on her,” when asked about the ar­gu­ment.

• On Jan. 6, a woman re­ported an unwanted per­son on her prop­erty. She filled out a ban sheet and the unwanted per­son signed it. He loaded his ve­hi­cle with his be­long­ings from the prop­erty with the help of two friends, one of whom the woman said threat­ened her via text mes­sage.

• On Jan. 6, a woman was ar­rested on charges of fail­ure to ap­pear.

• On Jan. 7, a woman re­ported a hit and run. She showed an of­fi­cer the dam­age to her ve­hi­cle’s pas­sen­ger side front fen­der and said it had been dam­aged in the park­ing lot of the Mis­sile Mart on Calion High­way.

• On Jan. 7, a man re­ported an act of crim­i­nal mis­chief. He said two bat­ter­ies were taken from his ex­ca­va­tor some­time be­tween Dec. 20 and Jan. 7.

• On Jan. 7, a woman re­ported her ex call­ing to ha­rass her. She said he threat­ened to kill her and called her pe­jo­ra­tive names.

• On Jan. 7, of­fi­cers tried to serve a war­rant on a man. When they ar­rived at his res­i­dence, he fled from the rear of the home to­ward a wooded area. Nei­ther deputies nor a K-9 unit were able to find him.

• On Jan. 8, an of­fi­cer re­sponded to a stab­bing. The in­jured man said his on-again, off-again girl­friend was drunk and be­gan act­ing ag­gres­sive, at­tack­ing him. He said she first hit him with a chair then stabbed him in both arms. Med­i­cal staff said one of his wounds was pos­si­bly life threat­en­ing be­cause it cut an artery. At the man’s home, blood was ev­ery­where. The woman could not be found.

• On Jan. 8, a woman re­ported a man vi­o­lat­ing an or­der of pro­tec­tion. She said he called her and told her he was com­ing to her house, so she left and went to a rel­a­tive’s. The net day, she said he came over while she was not at home and stole her ve­hi­cle. Of­fi­cers could not find the man at the res­i­dence. She was ad­vised to save any mes­sages or phone records that showed where he con­tacted her in vi­o­la­tion of the or­der.

• On Jan. 8, a woman re­ported a forged check. She said a coun­ter­feit check had been printed to look like it came from the Felsen­thal water depart­ment check book and had been writ­ten in the amount of $2,921.45. She said the sig­na­tures were writ­ten so well the bank did not catch the er­ror.

• On Jan. 8, a man was ar­rested on charges of driv­ing on a sus­pended li­cense, fail­ure to pay reg­is­tra­tion fee, no li­a­bil­ity in­sur­ance and fic­ti­tious li­cense plates. A deputy ini­ti­ated a traf­fic stop af­ter see­ing that the man’s li­cense plate re­turned to a dif­fer­ent ve­hi­cle. The man also had a war­rant out of Texas.

• On Jan. 8, a man re­ported theft at a work site on Stormy Lane. The man said he is work­ing on oil wells on that road and has laid down gravel for the road; a man came by in a trac­tor, he said, scooped up much of the gravel and used it to build a drive­way for his home. The man who al­legedly took the gravel said he smoothed it out to make it a bet­ter driv­ing ser­vice and had re­cently made a gravel drive­way for his neigh­bor, but said she’d pur­chased her gravel from Milam Con­struc­tion.

• On Jan. 8, a man re­ported a theft. The man said he ar­rived at work and no­ticed a tool box that he’d stored in the back of his work truck was miss­ing.

• On Jan. 9, a deputy re­sponded a re­port of crim­i­nal tres­pass. A man said he walked to a friend’s house from his res­i­dence for about an hour, and when he re­turned home he saw that a win­dow had been

shattered and dry­wall sheets had been laid against the win­dow to block it from the in­side. The man said noth­ing was miss­ing, but the house was di­sheveled. The prop­erty owner said her son had pre­vi­ously lived at the res­i­dence with the cur­rent ten­ant, but that none of his things ap­peared to be miss­ing ei­ther.

• On Jan. 10, a man re­ported a theft at his home on Wild­wood Drive. He said he came home to find his door dif­fi­cult to open, but ini­tially thought noth­ing of it. He said he even­tu­ally re­al­ized a new Plays­ta­tion 4 was miss­ing from its spot in his en­ter­tain­ment cen­ter; the man then re­al­ized there were pry marks on the door, which is what had made it so hard to open. A woman that lives at the res­i­dence re­ported an Ama­zon Fire HD8 tablet miss­ing as well.

• On Jan. 10, a woman re­ported a forgery at the Mis­sile Mart on West Hills­boro Street. She said a man came into the store and tried to pay for his pur­chase with a coun­ter­feit 20 dol­lar bill. He then left the store, she said.

• On Jan. 10, a man was ar­rested for crim­i­nal tres­pass and first of­fense driv­ing while in­tox­i­cated. He was found by deputies parked on the rail­road tracks with no rec­ol­lec­tion of how he got there. Upon search­ing the ve­hi­cle, four empty bot­tles of al­co­hol were found. Two of the tires had been blown out and there was dam­age to the train tracks as well.

• On Jan. 10, a woman re­ported a theft at her home on Anya Drive. She re­ported a tele­vi­sion set miss­ing.

• On Jan. 11, deputies spot­ted an aban­doned car in front of Salem Ceme­tery. The ve­hi­cle ap­peared to have been burned. Con­tact could not be made with the ve­hi­cle’s owner, so it was towed.

• On Jan. 11, a UCSO of­fi­cer in­ves­ti­gated a forgery. A woman re­ported that her bank no­ticed strange ac­tiv­ity when an­other woman tried to cash a check on the first woman’s ac­count; the first woman’s ac­count re­quired two sig­na­tures on any check for it to be cashed, and the one the woman pre­sented to the bank only had one. The woman said she be­lieved the check had been stolen from her daugh­ter’s car when it was bro­ken into in the Mur­phy USA gas sta­tion park­ing lot be­tween Dec. 30 and Jan. 2. She also re­ported a JBL speaker, a pur­ple Columbia jacket and a gold watch had been stolen from her daugh­ter’s ve­hi­cle.

• On Jan. 11, a man was ar­rested for fourth-de­gree sex­ual as­sault.

City Ar­rests

• Ge­orge L. Ta­tum, 58, of 931 South Jack­son, was ar­rested Jan. 11 on a war­rant for third-de­gree do­mes­tic bat­tery and in­ter­fer­ence with emer­gency com­mu­ni­ca­tions. On Jan. 7, of­fi­cers re­sponded to a re­port of a do­mes­tic dis­tur­bance at an­other res­i­dence in the 900 block of South Jack­son. A woman told po­lice that Ta­tum, her boyfriend, had got­ten in­tox­i­cated and de­manded that she give him her phone. When she re­fused, Ta­tum flipped the kitchen ta­ble on its side and used the ta­ble to pin her against the wall, the woman said. She said Ta­tum grabbed her left arm and scratched it. The woman said she handed the phone to Ta­tum, who said “she would not call po­lice if he could help it” and left the res­i­dence. Po­lice said the woman had three “raised” scratches on her left fore­arm. Po­lice made con­tact with Ta­tum at the res­i­dence Jan. 11 and took him into cus­tody. Of­fi­cers noted that Ta­tum was pre­vi­ously convicted of do­mes­tic bat­tery.

• Lind­sey G. Lloyd, 36, of 717 E. Fourth, was ar­rested Jan. 11 on a war­rant for pos­ses­sion of metham­phetamine and pos­ses­sion of drug para­pher­na­lia.

• Terekeonce S. Buggs, 42, was ar­rested Jan. 10 on a war­rant for pe­ti­tion to re­voke pro­ba­tion and ter­ror­is­tic threat­en­ing.

• Kmonte M. Zil­len­der, 40, of 713 W. Oak, was ar­rested Jan. 10 for ag­gra­vated as­sault on a fam­ily or house­hold mem­ber. Ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port, Zil­len­der grabbed his teenage daugh­ter by the shirt and at­tempted to strike her in the face af­ter the girl’s mother “brought her to see (Zil­len­der) re­gard­ing a dis­ci­plinary is­sue.” The woman said that when she told Zil­len­der to stop, he grabbed her chin and said, “Don’t teach me how to act!” Po­lice said a wit­ness cor­rob­o­rated the woman’s ac­count of the in­ci­dent.

• Tina M. Moore, 38, of 400 N. Bradley, was ar­rested Jan. 7 on a war­rant for pe­ti­tion to re­voke pro­ba­tion.

• Deveon D. Dorch, 25, of Smack­over, was ar­rested Jan. 7 for res­i­den­tial bur­glary, theft of ser­vices and first-de­gree crim­i­nal mis­chief. Of­fi­cers re­ceived a re­port that Dorch was il­le­gally liv­ing in an apart­ment at Hills­boro Town­house Apart­ments, 1600 Short E. Hills­boro. The man­ager of the apart­ment com­plex told of­fi­cers that the for­mer ten­ant moved out and called months say­ing that she be­lieved that Dorch, her ex-boyfriend, was still liv­ing in the apart­ment. Dorch ad­mit­ted leav­ing the apart­ment through the win­dow when of­fi­cers ar­rived, not­ing that he used the win­dow to en­ter and exit the apart­ment be­cause he did not have a key.

• LC Cle­mons, 59, of 1201 Roo­sevelt, was at­tested Jan. 7 on two counts of break­ing or en­ter­ing. A woman told po­lice that she was in the back seat of her par­ents’ ve­hi­cle at South Arkansas Re­gional Health Cen­ter, 715 N. Col­lege, when she saw a man, later iden­ti­fied as Cle­mons, at­tempt to open the door of an­other ve­hi­cle, but the door was locked. She said he then got into an­other ve­hi­cle, which po­lice later learned was Cle­mons’ own ve­hi­cle, and started the en­gine. The woman said he ex­ited the ve­hi­cle, walked over to her par­ents’ ve­hi­cle and climbed in­side. When Cle­mons be­gan to open the cen­ter con­sole, she asked him what he was do­ing, and he ex­ited the ve­hi­cle and walked away. The woman said she then ran in­side the health cen­ter to get her par­ents. The woman’s fa­ther said that when he walked out­side, Cle­mons “ap­proached him and tried to jus­tify get­ting into the car.” Cle­mons then walked to the north side of the cen­ter. Po­lice said they made con­tact with Cle­mons on the sec­ond floor of the cen­ter and took him into cus­tody.

City Re­ports

• The man­ager of Dixie Self Stor­age, 1101 Mem­ory Lane, re­ported po­lice Jan. 11 that some­one broke into a stor­age unit. The renter of the unit told of­fi­cers that a propane tank was miss­ing.

• A woman told po­lice Jan. 11 that some­one broke into her ve­hi­cle at her res­i­dence in the 500 block of North Flen­niken. She said no items were miss­ing, but sev­eral items had been dis­turbed.

• A woman told po­lice Jan. 10 that a woman she did not know is­sued a ter­ror­is­tic threat against her. The com­plainant said the sus­pect ap­proached her at a lo­cal fish mar­ket and at­tempted to start an ar­gu­ment with her. The woman said she left and shortly af­ter ar­riv­ing at her res­i­dence in the 600 block of South Bradley, the sus­pect pulled up and is­sued the threat. Po­lice said the sus­pect had left by the time they ar­rived.

• An El Do­rado woman was sent to the Med­i­cal Cen­ter of South Arkansas Jan. 10 af­ter she was re­port­edly at­tacked by a pit bull­dog that had also fought the woman’s own pit bull. Po­lice were called to the 1400 block of Coy Du­mas in ref­er­ence to the at­tack, and upon ar­rival, they saw two large pit bulldogs fight­ing and a woman try­ing to break them up, ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port. An of­fi­cer said he tried in vain to sep­a­rate the dogs and he used a chem­i­cal spray on the dog that ap­peared to be the ag­gres­sor. The of­fi­cer said the dog ad­vanced to­ward him un­til the chem­i­cal spray be­gan tak­ing af­fect, prompt­ing the dog to re­treat to its yard nearby. Charles Hart­sell, the city’s an­i­mal con­trol of­fi­cer, was sum­moned to the scene and took con­trol of the dog. Hart­sell said the dog would be quar­an­tined. The dog’s owner, Bobby R. Ford Jr., 37, was cited for dog at large and vi­cious and dan­ger­ous an­i­mal. Po­lice said the woman sus­tained sev­eral lac­er­a­tions to her hands and a dog bite to her right thigh. She was trans­ported by am­bu­lance to MCSA for treat­ment.

• On Jan. 8, of­fi­cers re­sponded to a re­port of a dis­tur­bance at a res­i­dence in the 1000 block of E&B, and upon ar­rival, a woman leaned out the front door, pointed to­ward the back of the house and whis­pered, “He’s go­ing out the back.” Po­lice said they saw a male jump the back fence, not­ing that he was wear­ing a dark-col­ored jacket and hold­ing “some­thing with a light”, pos­si­bly a cell­phone. The woman said that when her adult daugh­ter an­swered a knock at the door, the sus­pect forced his way in­side and be­gan yelling and curs­ing at them. The woman said he then struck her in the face with his fist and busted her lip. She said her daugh­ter sprayed an air fresh­ener in the sus­pect’s face and he shoved the younger woman away. The com­plainant said the sus­pect cor­nered her in the bath­room and at­tempted to close the door, but she blocked the door with her arm. The woman said her daugh­ter called po­lice and when the sus­pect re­al­ized po­lice had ar­rived, he ran out the back door. Of­fi­cers noted that the sus­pect has been banned from the E&B res­i­dence and the woman and her daugh­ter have an ac­tive no-con­tact or­der against him. Po­lice said they were un­able to lo­cate the sus­pect.

• Of­fi­cers were called Jan. 8 to Sim’s Wrecker Ser­vice, 1513 E. Hills­boro in ref­er­ence to a theft. Ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port, a for­mer em­ployee re­fused to turn in his com­pany ve­hi­cle, and when other em­ploy­ees went to the man’s res­i­dence to re­trieve the ve­hi­cle, he took a chain saw from the back of the ve­hi­cle. The com­plainant said the sus­pect had also bor­rowed a four-wheeler from the busi­ness and never re­turned it.

• A man told po­lice Jan. 8 that a set of golf clubs was stolen from his stor­age shed in the back­yard of his res­i­dence in the 700 block of North Wash­ing­ton.

• Po­lice re­ceived in­for­ma­tion Jan. 7 that some­one at­tempted to forge a check on the ac­count of Milam Con­struc­tion Com­pany, 1605 Hay­nesville Hwy. The sus­pect re­port­edly at­tempted to cash the check Jan. 2 at Brook­shire’s,2202 N. West Ave. A sus­pect was iden­ti­fied.

• A woman told po­lice Jan. 7 that some­one broke into her ve­hi­cle at her res­i­dence in the 400 block of South New­ton Av­enue and stole her wal­let, which con­tained $300 cash, bank cards and a driver’s li­cense. She said some loose change was also miss­ing.

• Po­lice re­sponded Jan. 7 to a re­port of break­ing or en­ter­ing at Handee Wash Laun­dro­mat, 542 W. Hills­boro. The owner of the busi­ness said that some­one broke into a stor­age build­ing. No items were re­ported miss­ing. Po­lice re­cov­ered ev­i­dence from the scene.

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