Vir­ginia Democrats Play Last Man Stand­ing

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Note to white peo­ple: When­ever an in­ter­view or news con­fer­ence con­tains the phrase: "I am not a racist," you've al­ready lost the ar­gu­ment.

The lat­est in­di­vid­ual of the Cau­casian per­sua­sion to make this forth­right dec­la­ra­tion of stu­pid­ity is ac­tor Liam Nee­son. It was an at­tempt to defuse an ear­lier ad­mis­sion that he was once in­tent on at­tack­ing a ran­dom black per­son af­ter a friend had been raped.

Vir­ginia Gov. Ralph 'Moon­walk' Northam was no doubt fol­low­ing Nee­son's ca­reer sui­cide closely in hopes that this lat­est racial faux pas would over­shadow his prob­lem. Namely that Northam had not pur­sued a ran­dom black per­son, but in­stead had por­trayed a ran­dom black per­son in a year­book photo from the 1980s.

Northam - one of those rare in­di­vid­u­als who when con­fronted with ca­reer con­fla­gra­tion goes to the store for more lighter fluid de­cided to hold a news con­fer­ence and get ev­ery­thing out in the open.

Cri­sis con­sul­tants ad­vise clients that if they can change the sub­ject it is some­times pos­si­ble to sur­vive. What they don't ad­vise is chang­ing the sub­ject by in­tro­duc­ing an en­tirely new cri­sis.

In front of a sea of re­porters, Northam de­nied he was in the year­book photo, but vol­un­teered that he'd donned black­face to por­tray Michael Jack­son in a "Moon­walk con­test". The only way the event could have been more dam­ag­ing was if Ralph had en­tered wear­ing a se­quined glove or claimed some of his best friends were black.

It proved once again that Northam is so cul­tur­ally tone deaf he didn't rec­og­nize that ad­mit­ting to dress­ing like a pe­dophile might be an ad­di­tional prob­lem. Northam's po­lit­i­cal judge­ment is so bad, he had to be saved from de­mon­strat­ing his ver­sion of the moon­walk by Mrs. Northam's hor­ri­fied in­ter­ven­tion.

Northam's prospects for fin­ish­ing his term were bleak. Lt. Gov. Justin Fair­fax is black, and it would have cre­ated an el­e­gant sym­me­try for a dis­graced white man guilty of a race crime

- to re­sign in fa­vor of a young African-Amer­i­can.

Un­for­tu­nately, it seems that Fair­fax may be a tad too vir­ile.

A Cal­i­for­nia col­lege pro­fes­sor ac­cuses Fair­fax of sex­u­ally as­sault­ing her at the 2004 DNC na­tional con­ven­tion. Some­thing about this charge re­minds me of, what was it? OH, YES! Now I re­mem­ber, the guiltyun­til-proven-in­no­cent at­tack on Judge Brett Ka­vanaugh.

Vanessa Tyson's sex­ual as­sault ac­count is much dif­fer­ent from Chris­tine Ford's. She knows the ex­act date, she knows the ex­act lo­ca­tion, friends con­firm she told them im­me­di­ately af­ter it hap­pened and Tyson is a Demo­crat who has noth­ing to gain from go­ing pub­lic.

This means Fair­fax should be toast, but in fact he's only feel­ing a lit­tle heat.

The Na­tional Or­ga­ni­za­tion of Women called for Fair­fax' res­ig­na­tion, but none of the Democrats who were so ea­ger for Ka­vanaugh to with­draw have said a word about Fair­fax and his much more cred­i­ble sex­ual as­sault ac­cu­sa­tion.

The re­mark­able si­lence and ab­sence of the usual blame game re­minds you of the time when Democrats were ei­ther wear­ing white Klan robes or sport­ing black­face. Their con­tention then was when it came to sex, black folks just couldn't help them­selves.

But even if Northam and Fair­fax are gone, Vir­ginia's at­tor­ney gen­eral is a Demo­crat, so the seat stays in left­ist hands, even if Mark Her­ring is un­for­tu­nately white. But Her­ring ad­mit­ted this week that he also did a tem­po­rary makeover and wore black­face dur­ing the 1980s.

Maybe Her­ring was try­ing to flood the zone. If ev­ery am­a­teur Demo­crat min­strel show wannabe con­fessed in the same week, there might be too many of them for any one mis­cre­ant to be tar­geted. Her­ring could es­cape the black­face black­ball in spite of the fact last week he de­manded Northam re­sign for the same of­fense.

What amazes me is the left's en­thu­si­asm for black­face. I grew up among red­necks in West Texas and the only black­face I ever saw was in re­ally old movies. By the 1970s even we had fig­ured out a visit to the Shi­nola spa was a bad idea.

As this is writ­ten, the trio is still cling­ing to of­fice. When I saw a Wash­ing­ton Post head­line that read: "De­spite protests and iso­la­tion strong­men can cling to power" I thought it was a story about Rich­mond's Demo­crat bit­ter-en­ders.

Northam ap­pears to be tak­ing the Gaddafi op­tion. So­cial jus­tice war­riors will have to flush him out a cul­vert be­fore Northam will sur­ren­der the gov­er­nor's of­fice. Even if he leaves, the chances of the groper or the re­main­ing goober re­sign­ing are slim.

That's be­cause next in the line is Speaker Kirk Cox, who is both white and a Re­pub­li­can. We've learned when the left is pre­sented with a choice be­tween liv­ing up to its moral ex­hi­bi­tion­ism or re­tain­ing power, some­how power al­ways seems to win.

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