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BIGGEST INSPIRATIO­N I grew up when television was almost in its infancy. I would watch all the comedians back then in the ‘50s. Ernie Kovacs, Sid Caesar, Jack Benny and Jackie Gleason. I7ve been told I have a relatively slow delivery and I can take some pauses. I would attribute that to Jack Benny and how he would surround himself with funny people on his show. He would get his laughs reacting to them. I just thought that was the funniest thing.

DAY OFF I7m great at doing nothing. I do love playing golf. I wish I was better at it, but neverthele­ss

Ò Ĥñç ì÷ aeòðóïè÷èïü èñíòüäåïè Ò ïòùè ÷ëè éäae÷ ÷ëä÷ Ò can just play, that I7m healthy enough to get up and swing a club. That7s really what it7s all about.

FAVORITE MEAL A cheeseburg­er and a good side of fries.

LAST BOOK READ I can7t say I am a reader. I know; it kills my wife. She7s an avid reader. I read the Mike Nichols biography [Mike Nichols: A Life], which I loved because I loved him. LAST GOOD THING WATCHED I just saw Triangle of Sadness, which is one of the Oscar nominees. I thought it was absolutely amazing. I7ve seen ä ïò÷ òé êòòç Ĥïðö because I7ve got to vote. The Banshees of

Inisherin, The Fabelmans I really, really, really loved.

BEST THING ABOUT LIFE RIGHT NOW The fact that I can wake up every morning. You get to a certain age, and you go, How am I doing? Can I walk around? Can I breathe? Can I eat? Good, excellent.

MOST ANNOYING THING? People who don7t use their turn signals when driving. That instantane­ously makes me go mental.

WORDS TO LIVE BY Everything happens for a reason. You can roll with the punches if that7s what it is.

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